September 26, 2018


Abundant Soulpreneur Manifesto

​I am an abundant soulpreneur

​I am a powerful creator.

My definition of success is being free to do what I love, when I want, with those I love and where I choose.

And of course accompanied by experiencing an abundance of joy, happiness, ease, flow, grace, support, wealth, fulfilment, beauty and whatever else lights up my soul.

​I know that abundance is a state of BEing and that I can always choose to increase the flow of abundance in my life and business whenever I’m ready to receive and experience more.

​I love what I do and have given myself permission to be abundantly compensated for expressing my brilliance in the world with those I made divine appointments with to serve with my unique gifts and Presence.

I love being free to say YES to what is FUN for me to be, do and have.

​I make choices based on what LIGHTS me up and choose to trust my soul is guiding me to what is optimal for my essence (not my ego) in each moment, even when it makes no logical sense.

​This beautiful planet is my playground and I marvel at the infinite abundant possibilities that are available for me to claim and enjoy as I align my actions with my soul guidance.

​And perhaps most of all... I love sharing the abundance I am and have with others, thereby creating waves of joyful abundance that ripple wide and far... re-mind-ing each other of the abundance we are so more and more people start seeing the evidence of abundance show up in their lives with ever increasing ease, grace and JOYful ways.

​Being in a physical body sometimes requires a few re-mind-ers of the LIGHT I am 🙂

I find it helpful to remember to:

  1. BREATHE in light, beauty, joy, abundance... and as I exhale to infuse my body and surroundings with these blessings.
  2. RELAX and LIGHTen the F**k Up... after all, the light I am knows what to do and has my back.
  3. WONDER... what are the infinite possibilities available for me right now to experience more of the abundance I am with the most ease, grace and in joyful ways?...

Like what you just read?

​Share this blog with your friends and let this Abundant Soulpreneur Manifesto re-mind you of how amazing you are.

​Yes, YOU.

​There is nobody in this entire universe who can express your brilliance, the light you are, in the way you do.

​So go forth and shine your light bright!

​And remember... you are not alone and you are so very deeply loved.

​many joyful blessings,


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  • I was just thinking about living a life filled with abundance as I woke this morning. The words here speak to my heart and it is not only my desire for myself and my family, but for everyone. Let’s find what is right in the world and ask for more of it.

    • That’s beautiful Debi and YES, my desire for humanity as well! As more and more choose this for themselves, just imagine what’s possible… Thank you for reading this Manifesto and for sharing your heartfelt comment! Many joyful blessings xx Tina

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