February 8, 2023


5 Beautiful Self-Love Practices You Can Start Anytime

From the time we're born, we're programmed to look for love in all the wrong places.

We're taught that in order to be happy and fulfilled, we need to find someone to love us and complete us.

And so begins the never-ending search for The One.

  • But what if I told you that you already had everything you need within you?
  • That you are already complete and perfect just as you are?
  • That YOU are The One you've been searching for?
  • That all you need is to unleash your brilliance and allow yourself to shine?

Understanding this is one thing... living it is another thing all together, right?

But if you’re willing to make an effort to rediscover how totally lovable you are, you’ll learn to embrace and love all of you. Even those parts you’ve judged to be unlovable or unacceptable… they’re all part of what make you uniquely YOU. One of a kind.

Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren't any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn't be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life's challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. -R. Buckminster Fuller

The truth is that the real source of fulfilment and happiness lies within us. 

  • Through self-love and self-awareness, topped up with extra servings of kindness and self-compassion, we can learn to appreciate and embrace our own unique gifts and talents.
  • We can turn down the volume of the Inner Shitty Committee and choose to no longer listen to or believe their stories that had us buy into self-doubt, constant criticism, judgment and comparison. And instead turn up the volume of what brings us JOY.
  • We can learn to respect and honour our true selves and fill ourselves with joy and contentment from the inside out. In doing so, we can be more open and accepting of love from others - but no longer need it to be complete.
  • We can allow ourselves to create deep, meaningful connections with others, without clinging to them desperately. We can experience love in all its forms, without fear of loss or rejection. 

When we finally learn to give ourselves the love and attention we deserve, we’ll no longer have to look for it in all the wrong places.

And a funny thing happens when we start to fill our own cup... we become a magnet for love.

So how do you do this? 

5 Beautiful Self-Love Practices You Can Start Anytime

Start small.

  1. Practice self-care activities that bring you joy.
  2. Nurture yourself with kindness and compassion.
  3. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.  
  4. Listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition.
  5. And most importantly, learn to give yourself the love that you’ve been searching for all along.
You are the one you’ve been searching for, and you do have everything you need within you.

Practicing self-love is all about taking the time to focus on yourself and your own needs. Filling your own cup to overflowing. Discovering what lights you UP and saying yes to more of that.

It can be as simple as taking a few moments every day to focus on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 

  • Remind yourself of your strengths, gifts, and all the amazing things that make you unique. 

  • Start to build a deeper appreciation for yourself and all the wonderful qualities you possess. 

  • Make a list of all the things that you love about yourself and add to it each day. 

  • Find ways to nurture yourself and show yourself compassion. 

  • Embrace those aspects of yourself that you judge or don’t like and sprinkle some extra kindness on yourself for being on this messy human journey.

  • Get clear on what works for you and what doesn’t.

It may take some effort and dedication but it is totally worth it.

You are worth it!

Here are 10 more ideas to turn UP the Self-Love: 

  1. Exercise or take a walk: Get your body moving to release any stress or tension. I’m a big fan of yin yoga as it helps to reset my nervous system. Find what feels good for you.

  2. Eat a healthy meal: Fuel your body with nutritious and delicious food.
  3. Take a break: Step away from screens and work for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and just relax. Or turn up the music and dance. Or shake off the stress. Whatever works for you.

  4. Spend time in nature: Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and take a moment to appreciate it. Even if you can’t go outside right away, simply closing your eyes and retreating into the sanctuary of your heart space for a few minutes can work wonders.

  5. Journal: Give yourself the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings on paper. If you’ve got something bothering you, then give yourself permission to write it down, uncensored. And when you’re done, rip it up and burn it, and either bury the ashes in the garden or flush down the toilet. Seriously, this gives a powerful message to your subconscious that you’re done with this!
  6. Hang out with friends: Connect with people who lift you up and make you feel good. If there’s nobody in your local vicinity, then find those who’ll UPlift with you online and connect. You can always come and join us for the Unleash Your Brilliance NOW monthly group UPtivations.
  7. Pamper yourself: Take a bath, get a massage, or do something special that makes you feel good. Using essential oils is a very effective way to quickly shift your mood. Either make your own room spray or buy one you like and use it everywhere. I have sprays in my bedroom, by my workspace, in my car, in the bathroom. If you’re looking for some super yummy room sprays or divine natural perfumes made with intent, then check out this Australian-made range.

  8. Make time for hobbies: Find activities that bring you joy and make time to do them. If this is challenging for you, then the JOY Booster Bootcamp may just help you unlock more joy!

  9. Meditate: Practice mindfulness and spend some time in silence to drop into your heart and reconnect with yourself. Or perhaps a walking meditation where you consciously intend for every step to gently kiss the earth. If you prefer guided healing meditations, then you’ll be sure to find some you love HERE.

  10. Create something: Unleash your creativity and make something beautiful. Be that a piece of art, whipping up a delicious meal, writing a love letter from your Divine Self or your angels to you… 

The possibilities are endless. Find what works best for you and make it a regular part of your self-care routine. 

➡️ Don’t wait until you find some time. We all know how that tends to go, right?

✅ Make time for YOU.

💕 Claim regular ME-time. Even if it’s only 5 minutes at a time.

Self-love is an ongoing practice and requires dedication and commitment, but the rewards are worth it. As you get more in touch with your inner self, you will develop a newfound sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

With a little bit of practice, you will soon be on your way to discovering the power, and JOY, of self-love.

And you’ll start to see evidence of your increased self-love being reflected in all aspects of your life.

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