April 13, 2023


Ascension – Breaking Through the Layers of Limitations to Unlock Your Superpowers

Personal Growth: 
Unlock Your Superpowers.

I don't know about you but the last few months have felt intense as f*ck, especially for my physical body with all the clearing and releasing of lifetimes of playing the game of limitation.

I came across this quote by Mooji, and it deeply resonates with me:

The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are not.

I wonder if this rings true for you as well?

Anyway, the other day I had a powerful healing session

I could FEEL my body releasing memories of lifetimes of having had my wings clipped... being persecuted for shining my light, for expressing my light, when that was seen as a threat.

  • It shut down my voice and wrapped me in a cloak of invisibility.
  • It imprinted my DNA with crap loads of fear. Amplified through the generations, and amplified in the collective field, as I know I'm not the only one who's ever felt these fears...

Fear of what, you might wonder?

Fear of:

  • being visible
  • expressing my wisdom
  • the past repeating itself
  • trusting my intuition
  • being the powerful Creator BEing I am... as are YOU!

Are any of these fears familiar to you as well?

I've been on a healing journey for well over 35 years and it's like peeling one huge onion, lol

It used to frustrate me to seemingly be circling around the same frickin issues again and again!

Like, seriously??? WTF! How many more layers of limitation have I bought into??

How many more layers of feeling unsafe to let myself BE who I am?

But then I'd remember:

Life is like a spiral journey.

And whatever I was/am dealing with, it was/is from a different frequency than the last time I visited that 'issue' or challenge.

I call them opportunities for growth.

Every time another layer of limitations is cleared, every time you let go of another fear-based agreement, you've created SPACE for the LIGHT you are to create your version of Heaven on Earth.

If you'd like to uplevel your frequency, then there's no way around it, there's no avoiding it...

You have to do the inner work.

To liberate yourself from false beLIEfs, limiting programming, and attachments to fear-based agreements.

And all the B.S stories you've ever told yourself or had others tell you that you're anything less than an infinite BEing of love and light, here in a human body.

What if you and I are here on planet Earth to play the Game of Life? And that in order to participate, we agreed to forget who we really are?

And we willingly, eagerly signed up to play...

You have to be willing to let go of whatever has blocked you from your power and had you question your value, or simply unable to see or feel the value of YOU.

How has this game been playing out for you lately?

After months of bouncing between utter physical exhaustion and sheer exhiliration, I'm feeling a renewed fire in my belly as my body and energy field are being recalibrated with the higher frequencies flooding the planet.

It ain't always comfortable.

Yet it sure feels brilliantly liberating as past programming is cleared and a new base line - FUNdation - is established that supports peace and joyfully creating prosperous thriving in whichever ways feel UPlifting in the moment. 

And speaking of UPlifting, I can hardly wait to see what we'll be busting through in this month's Abundance group healing session!


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Joyful blessings,

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