March 20, 2023


How To Recognise Energy Leaks and What To Do About It To Restore Your Vitality

Do you know how to recognise energy leaks and what to do about it to restore your vitality?

During the last few days I've been reviewing where I may have had energy leaks by having ??? ???? ???? ?????.

You know, those thoughts in the back of your mind reminding you of everything on your to-do list... including the reminder to remind yourself of all the unfinished business, people to connect with, or incomplete projects that are waiting for you to be completed.

to do list

I'm a pen-on-paper kind of gal. I love post-it notes!!

Using an online diary or planner has somehow never worked for me. Maybe because I have way too many tabs open on my laptop and phone... so yep, I have been closing a bunch of those the last few days!

If it's important to me, I write it down.

My fully digital friends often have to laugh when they see my planner and the abundant use of color for different things 🙂

Now... though it may be old-fashioned to have a paper planner, it has an UPside.

Writing down your goals, intentions, desires... AND the practical aligned ACTION steps required, not only has a way of grounding your soul's inspiration and bringing CLARITY to what your next steps are.

Above all, it ????? ??????? ???? ????? ???? ????? ??????!

  • When you’re filled to overflowing with your vital life force energy, you experience the JOY of life and fully participating in this human journey as the divine spark of light you are here to BE and express in your unique and brilliant ways.

  • When you’re leaking vital life force energy, it not only drains your energy levels, it also zaps your joy. And when you let it leak long enough, that’s a sure-fire recipe for burnout.
dancing in light

How to recognise energy leaks and what to do about it to restore your vitality.

Energy leaks can look and feel like:

  • O???????? - one look at your to-do list or just thinking about it already feels exhausting. So you're likely to...
  • P???????????? - putting off for later what might move the needle, even if only slightly TODAY - and hence adds more to your to-do list and boom, more overwhelm... which is often driven by...
  • the ????? ????????????? - often disguised by an 'all or nothing' attitude... you know... if I can't get it ALL done right now, then why bother... and voila, more to procrastinate on... and more overwhelm... which adds to...
  • S???-????? - which can show up in infinite ways yet a common one here is lacking clarity as to WHAT to do next or HOW. Which then feeds the inner critic to let loose on 'should-ing' on yourself... you 'should' know how to get out of this mess... you 'should' have this taken care of by now... etc. which then has a way of knocking your...
  • CONFIDENCE - and making it hard to...
  • TRUST.

And so the loop continues.

  • Sound familiar?
  • Can you recognise any of the above at play in your life?

If yes, then you're definitely not alone.

Because it's all part of allowing the LIGHT you are more fully into every aspect of being human.

One of the vital steps to restoring your vitality is to re-evaluate your…

Ready for it?

BOUNDARIES - aka being crystal clear on what and who to say YES and NO to. To ensure you do not over-commit (take on more than you can handle or have the energy or resources for at this time) and then start the entire loop mentioned above again…

One way to make sure you keep this one in check is to allow yourself some time to feel into the invitation before you respond. For example, ‘Can I get back to you with an answer tomorrow?’ instead of immediately saying YES or NO.

  1. For some it’s easy to say NO to what’s not fun or healthy for them. 

  2. For others, the guilt or obligation patterns creep in and turn on the people-pleaser habit that says YES to everything and everyone, even if it’s to your own detriment.

  3. And for others, it can be really challenging to say NO to what actually lights you up and is fun for you but… if you’re being honest with yourself, then you know you don’t have the energy to see this through to completion. You know you can’t give it your all. If you did say YES then you know you'd be spreading yourself too thin.

I’ve been diving in deep to my Human Design and Gene Keys for the last 9 months and #3 is definitely one of my opportunities for growth, lol 

Learning to feel into what I have the energy for to complete and hence commit to whole-heartedly. And giving myself permission to say NO when I don’t have the bandwidth or energy, even or perhaps especially when it’s something I love and enJOY.

I don’t like to disappoint people so have this tendency to bend myself backwards to accommodate others. #recoveringpeoplepleaser

What I’m beginning to recognise and master is that saying YES when I know deep inside that to stay in integrity I must say NO, is actually doing a disservice to everyone, including myself. 

It’s been teaching me to speak up for what works for me and what doesn’t.

From my heart.

To risk being vulnerable by being truthful about what I’m capable of and what’s too much for me right now.

To trust divine timing and surrender ‘my plan’ to the divine blueprint for me to thrive.

To be okay with disappointing someone else when honoring myself wherever I’m at.

The Inner Shitty Committee (ISC) has had a ball with me, trying to distract me and yank me out of alignment with my divine essence. Attempting to keep me from saying YES and showing up for what enhances my wellbeing. Like my commitment to regular yoga. So to support me with honoring that commitment to myself, I have my classes written in my paper planner 🙂

When that doesn't work then the ISC tries to stop me from saying NO to what’s simply not aligned for me right now or is simply too much to take on. Like a fabulous invitation to participate in a collaborative project that lit me up and yet, I knew it would be selling myself and everyone else short if I committed at this time. So I said NO, in trust that more aligned opportunities will show up when I am ready for a whole-hearted YES.

If I didn’t have umpteen years of experience with recognising the ways of the Inner Shitty Committee and how to transform it and elevate my frequency, and having supported hundreds of clients with this over the years as well, then it would probably have knocked me out of the game before even starting.

Or it would have had me quit right before the miracle.

Sometimes you can experience overwhelming exhaustion when the body is trying to get up to speed with the higher frequencies of light flooding the planet. 

We’re right in the middle of a potent Equinox that’s providing us with the opportunity to leave behind what is not resonant with our divine light.
That includes fear, lack and scarcity mindset, attachment to unhealthy habits and relationships, doubt… basically everything that zaps your joy.

So that you can choose to let it go and create space for what is truly aligned and resonant with YOU here now. That includes what uplifts and energises you, what deeply fulfills you, what sustains you, and what supports you to create prosperous thriving in every possible way in all areas of your life.

So if you've been feeling drained, then perhaps it's time for a mini self-assessment.

  • What's on your to-do list, waiting to be finished or completed?

  • Which area of your life could really benefit from some de-cluttering?

Whether it's time to clean up your home or your computer...

upgrade your Abundance Mindset...

let go of commitments you can't keep...

release the judgments about where you're at in life... or 'should' be...

Imagine shining your light bright in those areas to reveal what needs to be healed, released, or UPtivated (upgraded and activated) for you to embody your light in every cell of your body, aka feeling LIGHT and vibrantly alive... and allowing that to ripple out into every aspect of your life and relationships...

  • What is asking for your love and LIGHT here?
  • What's the ONE thing you can do today to complete, or start completing, ONE of your open loops? To finish one of the things on your to-do list?

Whatever it is... when you take care of this unfinished business, what will that feel like?

Remember... you can always choose again.

Loving this and want more?

If you'd like a potent remedy for any of the above energy drainers to restore your vitality, prosperity, and JOY... then join us HERE to Unleash YOUR Brilliance NOW.

Joyful blessings,

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