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It spread all the way 
down. I got the 
I felt infinite love.

M.B. - the netherlands

Hi. Hi, Tina. Thank you so much. It was really nice.

I had a lot of sensations in my body especially, starting in my head 
on my right side and I got images which I first did not understand. 
They were like skulls, black skulls, and I realized that were my bad thoughts about myself, you know, thoughts during life that you think that you are... 
and they started to disappear.

And while they disappeared, I started to feel much lighter.
And there came more light inside.

As you said, it spread all the way down, also to my legs, which I very hardly can feel. I'm very often just in the top of my body. 
So it went all the way down and at one point, 
I got the feeling... I felt infinite love.

Yeah. That's very nice. So thank you so much, and thank you ladies 
for sharing your stories.

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About Tina.

Whether you're feeling weighed down by the past or doubting your own worth, Tina is here to help you break free and step into the abundant, joyful life you deserve. She'll help you let go of what no longer serves you, and create your life from the infinite abundance and joy that resides within you.

Tina embodies joyful living. She embraces her intuition wholeheartedly, allowing it to guide her even when her ego raises objections.

With her down-to-earth and practical approach, Tina will help you know your true worth and value.
And together, you'll celebrate as you turn your dreams into reality and unlock your full potential.

With over 35 years of experience in energy healing, Tina brings some serious magic to her out-of-the-box coaching style. She's a certified Crystalline Soul HealingĀ® practitioner whose heart leaps with joy to share this incredible healing modality with humanity.