I'm passionate about helping you bring more joy and abundance into your life and business. 

That includes all of your relationships, including the one with yourself, others, Source, and yep... money.

If you’ve ever seen a child smile or laugh, then you know that we all have joy inside of us.

Everyone is born joyful. Including you.

Then somewhere along the line, most people learn that joy isn’t safe or that they can’t be joyful when others around them are miserable. So they choose to dim or smother their joy until one day, they wake up and say ‘no more!’.
They make the choice to reconnect with their joy and give themselves permission to express it anytime in everything they do.

As you’re reading this page, you’ve chosen joy.

You're ready to shift out of running your life and business from self-sacrifice into running it from joy and abundance.

My mission is to reconnect you with your own source of joy and abundance so that you can express your unique gifts and talents in your own Joyful Soul Business and experience the deep fulfillment of creating both the financial success you desire AND the joy of being in alignment with your soul purpose.

This isn’t a quick fix. A pill to pop. Or a set-it-and-forget-it solution. This is making the deep choice to align your mind, body and soul with the deeper purpose of your business so you can experience the joy of doing what you love AND creating financial success in ways that feel in integrity with what truly matters to you.

My name is Tina van Leuven, and I help soulpreneurs align their energy and mindset with the intentions, desires and vision they have for their business and their life.

I help them clear their money blocks and energetically release lifelong limiting programming that have been sabotaging them from creating the results they know deep within their hearts are possible yet haven’t been able to achieve.

I help them reconnect with their own source of joy and abundance and discover ways to express that in their business while monetizing their unique gifts.

I also help them clear through the crap that’s been holding them back from being seen and heard while boosting their confidence as they step outside their comfort zone and share their gifts.

Together, we’ll train your trust muscles and release your fear of the unknown so that you can experience in every cell of your being that you are always in the right place at the right time. You’ll realize that it’s not only safe to create the business and life you desire, it’s your destiny.

Imagine a life in which you are no longer ruled by your doubt gremlins
and what I call your inner “shitty committee”.
You have become immune to the self-sabotaging behaviors
that keep most people from living their true lives and their full potential.

Instead you’ll learn how to prioritize your divine essence and create strong healthy boundaries where you feel confident expressing what works for you and what does not, so you can get off the “maybe fence” and make empowered choices. Your YES will be a full unshakeable YES. And your NO will be honored and respected.

You will no longer need to make the choice between money and fulfillment. You will live in an abundant world where not only anything is possible, you’re already realizing it.

You will let go of the feelings of stress you feel around money and welcome money into your life as the joyful blessing that it is.

You will realize that expressing your divine gifts and monetizing your gifts are one and the same thing. You will no longer feel a conflict between spirituality and business when you’re fully aligned with your Joyful Soul Business.

I believe that the more entrepreneurs can connect with their joy and transform their money mindset, the more people will benefit from the gifts and talents they are here to share.

And ultimately, in a world where everyone is letting joy be their guide to fully expressing their unique brilliance,
there will be no need for war and destruction.

I envision a world where we co-exist in peace, joy and harmony and every single person knows what they’re here to do and be and they’re living it.

Got chills or truth bumps?

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