September 20, 2023


Celebrate Your Light

I was at my stepfather’s funeral yesterday. It was such a beautiful celebration and honoring of his life. Despite the last 10 years of his life being filled with one health challenge after another, he did not let that define him. He consciously chose to find joy anywhere he could and he loved to inspire and UPlift others.

My brother (on the left) and I were very blessed to have had a wonderful morning with Joseph about a month before he passed away. Little did we know then this would be our last time together... 

He didn’t just talk about choosing joy; he lived it.

Needless to say, we always got on very well. And though he was sad to leave his loved ones behind, I know he was very happy to be reunited with my mum. #soulmatelove

  • Nothing like a funeral to bring home the importance of celebrating your life here and now.
  • To stop and smell the roses.
  • EnJOY the journey.

We all know that life is a series of endings and beginnings. 

The end of one phase marks the start of another, where we can grow, evolve, and achieve our dreams.

Remember the version of you that once daydreamed about the life you're living now?

Yeah, that person's gone. And the even more awesome version of you that you've yet to become is on its way to your present reality. Talk about exciting!

Life’s too short to play small, to dim your light, to dumb down your divine brilliance.

So, my friend, go forth and celebrate the heck out of your existence. 

Find what makes your heart skip a beat, puts a sparkle in your eyes, and makes your body move like a kangaroo on a trampoline. Or whatever gets you into your groove...

You have come into this world with your unique gifts to be shared and celebrated.

It’s your LIGHT that infuses your life with blessings of abundance.

So to increase the blessings of abundance in every aspect of your life, you can ask yourself:

What’s one way I can celebrate my LIGHT today?

And if you’re up for a fun experiment, then why not stretch yourself by asking yourself this question several times throughout the day, for the next 40 days?

Anything not allowing yourself to receive these blessings of abundance…

  • Release…
  • Dissolve…
  • Recalibrate with the LIGHT you are.

From my heart to yours...

Joyful blessings,

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