June 29, 2023


Let’s Eradicate Poverty Consciousness

Let's eradicate poverty consciousness...

As I was walking the dogs yesterday and we were having so much fun at the beach, I suddenly received the following words:

I’m on a mission to help eradicate poverty consciousness from this planet and activate the knowing within humanity of infinite abundance so we can co-create prosperous thriving for all.

So I did a Crystalline Soul Healing® session on this for myself and started to see glimpses of potential unfolding as aeons of collective conditioning and all these criteria for humanity to agree to live in lack and limitation started to drop away... 

I'm not sure yet what all of this will morph into but this morning I woke up sensing a new lightness and peace. 

Poverty CONSCIOUSNESS creates lack and limitation, which has had us beLIEve in separation and seeking outside ourselves for peace, happiness, abundance, prosperity...

You know... as soon as I have ________ and fill in the blank...

THEN I'll be happy, successful, at peace...

Well, I think we've all had our fair share of experiences with that game to know it's flawed and drives the shiny object syndrome, chasing after the next desire, only to find upon arriving 'there' that it's not fulfilling... so onto doing more of what has never worked in the first place... (burnout anybody??)

So the obvious solution? 

Elevate your CONSCIOUSNESS, as in raise your vibration, and BE the frequency of peace, abundance, joy...

Yadaa, yadaa, yadaa... we get this as a CONCEPT, right?

So... is your physical body on board with this?

Does it feel SAFE to TRUST and let in the love, the abundance, the prosperity, the joy, the peace, or whatever you've been longing to create in your life?

The rational mind will say OF COURSE!

  • However, the body may be holding on to memories and decisions that you've long since forgotten about which actually block the very abundance of love, money, peace, and joy that your mind says you are totally willing to receive...

Mind boggling stuff.

And especially when you've done a lot of healing around all of this already, it can be frustrating as fu&k when those mofo limiting patterns simply will not let go.

I know, I've been there numerous times. And then got trapped in feeling like a fraud as the impostor syndrome kicked in when I could not seem to shift a limiting pattern for myself that I have helped hundreds, if not thousands of others transform over the years!

That's why I'm so grateful that my soul guided me to take the training in Crystalline Soul Healing®, after having experienced numerous sessions with my dear friend and fellow alchemist Bethany.

And yay, I'm now officially certified as a Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner.

So the other day I received a session and it uncovered and cleared a 'rule' that said I was not allowed to receive the full blessings of my gifts myself.

  • This then showed up as hit and miss results for myself with clearing abundance blocks or healing physical issues, such as pain in my body.
  • Even though I effortlessly help others clear their obstacles and increase the flow of abundance and prosperity in their lives.

Sound familiar by any chance?

Anyway, regardless of how this may be playing out in your life, can you imagine what kind of world we can co-create together when we eradicate poverty consciousness from this planet and know... not just as a concept... that we are infinite abundance and hence create prosperous thriving for all?

If you're with me, then join us inside our free membership - Infinite Abundance Updates - HERE.

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Together we can do this.

Joyful blessings,


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Let's eliminate poverty consciousness from the planet.
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