December 23, 2017


Magic Manifesting Tips For The Holidays and Beyond

I have a few powerful Magic Manifesting Tips for you to re-mind you of the amazing magic that is YOU.

It's almost Christmas...and 2018 is just around the corner...

  • What's on your wish list?
  • What would YOU like to wish into manifestation in 2018?

Whatever is on your list, if you'd like to amplify your manifesting magic, then I have some powerful manifesting tips for you.

And a few re-mind-ers... 

We're always manifesting; just might not always be with conscious intention!

So... in order to manifest anything with conscious intention, remember that

you must ASK for what you desire...

And that can stir up all sorts of stuff...

  • from not knowing what you want...
  • to not knowing HOW this could possibly happen to not wanting to be disappointed so better not get your hopes up so better just ask for crumbs... 
  • to not wanting to be greedy etc etc.

    If that sounds familiar, then how about an upgrade?


you must then BE the frequency/vibration of what 
you're wanting to manifest.

In other words, you must BE the ESSENCE of your desired manifestation.

To tap into what the essence of your desired manifestation is, ask yourself the following questions and take some time to journal your responses:

  1. What does having this bring me?
  2. When I have what this brings me, how do I FEEL?

Then make it a priority to align with that feeling state and whenever you're out of tune... CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

My advice for once you've answered these questions and have the clarity of which essence state to stay tuned into?

RELAX and Lighten the F**k UP... and let JOY be your guide to showing you which actions to take by what lights you up. can't worry your way to joy. Simply not on the same channel.

And unless your desired manifestation will bring you more to worry about and with more to worry about, you feel joy...
then I recommend giving your inner database an upgrade of what joy is and is not... so you can let go of requiring something to worry about so as to experience more joy.

OK, if your mind is spinning after reading that, then that's exactly what happens when you've got mixed signals broadcasting...

and that will manifest some of what you want and some of what you don't.

You know, where something shows up and it's great for the most part BUT... and your list of things follows with what's not so great about it.

Sound familiar?...

If so, then you're not alone. 

This is 'simply' an old habit that's been passed down for generations.

Just because that's how it's been for ages, doesn't mean it has to continue that way, though!

Let's say you'd like to manifest more money, for example.

Well, first of all, which amount would that be for you?

  1. What does having this amount of money bring me?
    It could be freedom, more choice, ease, peace of mind etc
  2. When I have what this brings me ( freedom, peace, more choice, ease, peace of mind etc), how do I FEEL?
    It could be free, light, joyful, abundant, relaxed...

Whatever the feeling states are for you, these are your KEY to what you must BE to manifest into form/reality/matter what you desire.

The thing to remember is this:

  • You can manifest the ESSENCE of absolutely anything you desire. 

The other thing to re-mind yourself of is this:

  • Your desired manifestation may or may not look like what you had in MIND yet you can bet your ass it will feel amazing because it is aligned with the ESSENCE state of what you were calling in.

To the degree the ego is still running the show on your manifesting team, this may stir up all sorts of things, or not...

And if so, then to that I say:

Let that shit be turned into fertiliser so it can support the flourishing of your desired manifestations with ever increasing ease, grace, joy, abundance and whatever else lights you up!

Happy holidays and happy manifesting.

joyful blessings,


P.S. If you'd like to turn up your manifesting magic, then check out the fabulous resources for you HERE.

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