what becomes 


when you allow more 
joy and Ease
into your life and business?

To thrive, not just survive, requires innovative and creative ways to find new solutions to the many challenges in this ever changing world.

Are you curious what you can do to future-proof your life and business to create a smoother path on a turbulent journey?

Let's have a chat to explore the possibilities for you to take your life to the next level. 

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Mindset and energy healing skills improve your life, at work and at home. 

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About Me.

As a former international flight attendant during 9/11, I’ve experienced firsthand how an unexpected crisis can shake people to their core as their security and safety are threatened.

Money stress is a big source of relationship breakdowns and contributes to health stress.

Yet what if this could actually be an extraordinary opportunity to future-proof your life and business by stepping outside the box?

What if you could give yourself a mindset upgrade and learn a few energy and healing strategies to ensure you’ll thrive, not just survive, no matter what’s going on in the world?

I bring 30+ years experience of powerful energy healing and mindset tools to my practical out-of-the-box coaching style to help my clients quickly change focus from scarcity thinking to questioning what else is possible, which opens doors they might not have seen before.

I've found that when your energy and mindset are aligned with the intentions, desires, and vision you have for your life, then magic happens. Plus you'll have a whole lot more fun as you set yourself up to thrive, regardless of the turbulence encountered on your journey.

What becomes possible when you let joy be the fun-dation of your life and business?

They Say

Craig Urquhart


" Coaching with Tina helped me to realize that I was only limited by my imagination. And that by using my dreams and desires as a guide it is possible to achieve my goals.

I have been able to realign my life with what resonates more with my soul and my joy.

I enjoy the openness, positive energy, the compelling insights and the non-judgement of the blocks and the imaginative ways we worked to break them down.

For anyone thinking about coaching with Tina, I'd say 'Give it a try!'

You are an incredibly Loving soul who has power to guide and support."

Karla Rothmann


" All of my goals have been hugely exceeded, I could not have done this without you.

You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake."

Sacha Laurin

Kombucha Couture

" I truly believe the 40-day Money and Miracles Experience did change my direction forever. I have just lived the most fear-free 6 weeks of my life! Thank you, Tina. You make miracles happen."

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