live the kind of life that makes people ask you how you did it.

A life with more joy

Confidence to speak up

Clarity of purpose

Tina van Leuven
Practical Joy Alchemist

What kind of life can you create when you feel confident to be who you really are and safe to shine your light?

Whether you're experiencing creative blocks, money blocks, relationship or health challenges... don't worry.

I'm here to tell you that you've got what it takes to turn whatever shit is happening in your life into fertiliser for your dreams!

Sometimes it just requires a willingness to receive support to clear what's been blocking you from living the life your soul intended for you.

So you can live a purpose fuelled, judgment-free and JOY filled life.

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Years of helping people live purpose fuelled, Judgment-free, and JOY filled lives. 
Yep, I started young!


Published Author, including co-author of two #1 Amazon Bestsellers  

Degree in Energy medicine california, USA

They Say

" Coaching with Tina helped me to realize that I was only limited by my imagination. And that by using my dreams and desires as a guide it is possible to achieve my goals.

I have been able to realign my life with what resonates more with my soul and my joy.

I enjoy the openness, positive energy, the compelling insights and the non-judgement of the blocks and the imaginative ways we worked to break them down.

For anyone thinking about coaching with Tina, I'd say 'Give it a try!'

You are an incredibly Loving soul who has power to guide and support."

Craig Urquhart


About Tina

Tina is a Practical Joy Alchemist helping uplifters live a purpose fuelled, judgment-free and JOY filled life.  

Tina walks her talk when it comes to joyful living. She lives in trust with the universe, knowing that she’s in the right place at the right time, although she’ll be the first to say her ego doesn’t always agree! 

Her practical and light heartened approach means she’ll help you unpack your hidden blocks to joy and abundance, bringing life altering a-ha moments. 

She’ll show you how to turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your life and business are a true expression of your abundant divine essence.

She brings 30+ years experience of powerful energy healing from around the world to her practical out-of-the-box coaching style. 

In the Trenches with Tom Morkes
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Transformation Goddess

What becomes possible when you let joy be
the fun-dation of your life and business?

Here's how to get started:

Joy on the Inside

When the Inner Shitty Committee has a hold on you with its doubt gremlins or that inner critic goes into judgment mode and wants you to be perfect before you do or share anything in the world, then it's not surprising to be lacking joy in your life, right? 

That's when it's time to clear what's been blocking your joy from the inside so you'll start to see this internal shift reflected in your outer everyday life and relationships.

Joy on the outside

Ready to bring more joy into your business or career?

Or looking to experience more joy in your everyday life?

Whether things are going fab in your life and biz...

or you're in transition and have no idea what's next yet...

What if you can expand with more joy and ease?

Your next step

Let's have a chat to find out how I can help you on your journey to more joy and abundance in your life and biz.

Message in a Bottle

Karla Rothmann


" All of my goals have been hugely exceeded, I could not have done this without you.

You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake."

Sacha Laurin

Kombucha Couture

" I truly believe the 40-day Money and Miracles Experience did change my direction forever. I have just lived the most fear-free 6 weeks of my life! Thank you, Tina. You make miracles happen."