January 20, 2023

You deserve to have your needs met and asking for help is a brave and beautiful thing.
It's all part of Healing The Asking Wound.

What is the Asking Wound?

The Asking Wound is a wound of the heart that is created by not feeling safe to ask for what we need or want. It can manifest in feelings of unworthiness, self-doubt, and low self-esteem.

What is the Asking Wound?

Read the full angel message HERE.

The Asking Wound is a term used to describe the deep-seated fear that many people have of asking for what they need and want. This fear often stops people from living their best lives and achieving their goals.

When my brilliant friend, fellow Alchemist and kick-ass healer Bethany and I were talking about this a few months ago, the inspiration landed and we received a divine nudge for us to host an Online Quantum Healing Retreat to resolve this deep-seated core wound so many of us have harbored and may not have realised was at cause of wreaking so much havoc… 

And that’s how Healing The Asking Wound was born. 

We believe everyone deserves to ask for what they need and want without fear of rejection, judgment or shame. That’s why we created this 3-part online Quantum Healing retreat to help people to heal their Asking Wound and free themselves from the fear of asking. 

We believe that when we heal this wound, our lives are so much more relaxing and fulfilling, allowing us to create prosperous thriving.

  • The Asking Wound is something that many of us struggle with, and it is often rooted in unresolved trauma. 
  • It can make us feel like it is not safe to open up and ask for help, support, and love.  It can also lead to feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem, and a fear of rejection. 
  • This can keep us from asking for what we truly desire, which can then lead to feelings of frustration, disappointment, and even despair. 
When you heal the Asking Wound, you’re healing millennia of programming and conditioning that required believing in, and agreeing to live by, the rules of lack, scarcity, and separation. 

Healing the Asking Wound requires a combination of self-reflection, self-care, and self-love.

Through this process, you’ll become more aware of your own needs and desires, and start to develop the confidence to ask for what you want. This can be a challenging process, but it is an essential one for anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Are you ready to start the journey of healing your Asking Wound? 

Join us for our online Healing the Asking Wound Quantum Healing Retreat -
a 3-part online series. This transformational retreat will help you tap into your inner wisdom and power, recognise and honor your true needs, and start to build a strong foundation of self-worth.

Unlock Your Healing Power

You'll be guided through a series of powerful Quantum Healing sessions, meditations, and UPtivations—energy upgrades and activations rolled into one—to help you identify and release your blocks to: 

  • ask for what you need and deserve
  • know your value and embodying your Self-worth
  • feel safe to receive

We'll also look at how to create a practice of self-care and self-love that will help you integrate your healing sessions with ease and open you up to ask for and receive more of what supports you to thrive. 

And the moment you sign up HERE to join us, you’ll start receiving Crystalline Soul Healing® frequencies which will start to clear the obstacles to asking and receiving what is right for YOU. 

You can think of these energy transmissions like high vibe frequencies that work with your Higher Self to ensure you receive the optimal clearing and upgrades that are right for you at this time.

And simultaneously activate the upgrades available for your growth and evolution.

By the end of the retreat, you'll be able to take what you've learned and apply it to your everyday life. You'll have the Quantum Healing tools and confidence to ask for what you need and deserve, and to create a life that is full of abundance and joy. 

Healing the Asking Wound has many benefits. 

It helps you to:

  • be more confident in asking for what you need.
  • trust your intuition.
  • be more aware of your needs and the needs of others.
  • claim your power and create a healthier relationship with yourself and others.
  •  receive help and support more freely.
  • connect to your inner truth and to open up to greater possibilities in life. 

It allows you to become more aware of your own worth and to let go of any shame or guilt associated with asking. 

And it helps you to create more meaningful relationships with others, as you become better able to identify, express, and honor your needs.

Register today and take the first, or next step towards a life of fulfilment and freedom!

It's time to start believing in yourself and prioritising your needs. 

Asking for help can be scary but it's an act of courage that allows you to start healing from the wounds of not having your needs met.

This is #HealingTheAskingWound—share your story and join us in this Quantum Healing journey.

If you're ready to explore and heal your asking wound, join us HERE for this powerful online retreat. Together, we'll create a safe and supportive environment for you to dive deep into yourself and begin, or continue your healing journey.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Tina and Bethany

About the author 

Tina van Leuven

Tina van Leuven loves helping others find their JOY Spot in their life and business. She's a Practical Joy Alchemist helping uplifters live a purpose-fuelled, prosperous, and JOY-filled life.

Tina walks her talk when it comes to joyful living. She lives in trust with the universe, knowing that she’s in the right place at the right time, although she’ll be the first to say her ego doesn’t always agree!

As an Abundance Mindset Mentor and Joyful Soul Business Coach, as well as an international bestselling author, she knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

She brings 30+ years experience of a wide variety of healing modalities and transformational tools - and that's just from this lifetime, lol

Her strength lies in her light-hearted, yet deep approach to getting to the core of what's been holding you back so you are free to seriously enjoy your life and business.

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