January 15, 2018


3 Simple Ways To Bring More Joy and Abundance Into Your Business | #3 Create An Empowering Money Story

What kind of money stories did you grow up with?

  • How did - and do -  those stories make you feel about money?
  • And how is that impacting your current experiences in both life and business?
  • Is your family history repeating itself? Or have you rebelled and gone for polar opposite so as not to be like 'them'? Or are you living somewhere in between?

Over the years of coaching entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries, I've been fascinated by the equally wide variety of money stories shared as well as the many recurring themes.

One of those themes started revealing itself through the Sacred Money Archetypes® running my clients' Inner Money Teams.

In case you're not yet familiar with these Sacred Money Archetypes (there are 8), they highlight your strengths and natural gifts when it comes to money, as well as your challenges and potential.


Where this gets really interesting, as least to me, is when you start seeing how this plays out in absolutely every other aspect of your life and of course in your business.

Recognise any of these scenarios?

  • Have you ever had some extra money come in and then something broke down in your home or business and replacing it wiped out all the extra and brought you back to square one?

  • Or perhaps you feel uncomfortable asking for money, especially when it's for your services or products... and especially when you're doing what you really love?

  • Maybe you have a tendency to worry about money, even though you know it's a waste of your precious energy?

  • Or you find yourself constantly chasing a moving target, feeling there's just not enough time/money to get everything done?

When I first discovered which Sacred Money Archetypes® were running the show on my Inner Money team, I had a series of lightbulb moments. With the Alchemist in charge, I could see where I'd had a love/hate relationship with money and how that had been passed down through my family's money stories.

The Alchemist is awesome at seeing possibilities and transforming ideas into financial success.

Definitely one of the many blessings my clients receive from working with me as I help them get crystal clear on what lights them up and how to monetise that so they experience more joy and abundance in their life and business.

But guess what?

For years I had unconsciously been limiting the receiving of these blessings to others and denied myself from experiencing the joy of receiving them fully first before giving to others from a full-filled space.

Turns out I had a few old vows and agreements running in my energy that made it noble to sacrifice myself in the service of others.

This seriously pissed me off as I was sure those had all been cleared out a long time ago! I mean, I had worked on this stuff for years!

Anyway, as I spent time with my Alchemist and the others on my Inner Money Team, they started to work WITH me, rather than sabotage me, as we set some juicy money goals and intentions to expand my business in ways that felt joyful and fulfilling. That naturally created so much more flow and ease, even when encountering challenges along the way.

Recognising how these archetypes had been messing with my mojo and now knowing what I can do to quickly get them aligned and optimised has been a very empowering experience, and one I love to share with others.

Discovering what your personal Sacred Money Archetypes® are is like receiving your unique Money Code.

Once you have this code then it's waiting for you to be activated so that you can start benefiting from the unique combination of gifts and strengths available to you.

This code helps you:

  1. understand what makes you tick when it comes to money, liberating you from beating up on yourself with negative mind chatter or blaming your family money stories for your current circumstances.

  2. discover your 3 core money strengths and how to use them in your business to generate the income you want.

  3. make choices from an empowered money mindset and feel confident in all money conversations, even the uncomfortable ones.

Most entrepreneurs get to the point fairly quickly in their business - usually within the first year of starting - where they're operating out of obligation instead of inspiration.

What started out as the ticket to their freedom has become more like another j.o.b , yet often working way longer hours and not making anywhere near the money they had anticipated.

A few years ago I surveyed entrepreneurs across the globe and asked them what zapped their joy. The top 3 responses were:

  1. Money stress.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed.
  3. Family obligations.

When you're stressed about money, it's almost impossible to enJOY your business.
Or your life, for that matter.

As Abraham-Hicks say so beautifully:

You can't worry your way to joy.

So where does money stress come from?

Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with your bank account.

It has to do with your beLIEfs and your relationship with money.

When you shift your beliefs about money and you transform your relationship to and with money, then the money stress disappears and often times the money follows soon after.

It's as if it had been in a holding account, waiting for you to eliminate the things in the way between you and fully enjoying being in business!

Then being an entrepreneur becomes a joyful expression of who you are and the gifts you're here to express.

Most people spend their entire business feeling that money and dealing with financials is a necessary evil.

When you make the shift to realising that money is a blessing that allows you to give more, to BE more and enjoy more, then everything changes.

Then you can be fully aligned with your business and feel good about making money.

When you realise that money is a blessing in your life, a blessing every time someone gives you money, a blessing every time you pay a bill and a blessing every time you decide to purchase something, then you will never have to worry about money again, unless of course you want to...

Money comes and goes.

So how do you do that?

Follow the tips I've shared with you in '3 Simple Ways To Bring More Joy and Abundance Into Your Business':

#1 Let Joy Be Your Guide

#2 Prioritise and Create Space

And here's the third one.

#3 Create an Empowering Money Story

If you want to bring more joy and abundance into your business then you simply must create an empowering money story.

And to do that, you must be willing to get real.

With yourself, with your numbers, with your deepest heart's desires, with the limiting stories you've been telling yourself, and perhaps most importantly... you must be willing to get real with the awesomeness that is YOU.

You are a powerful creator and manifestor!

Just because you've told or been told the same stories over and over again does not mean you must keep living by them.

You are free to choose to change the stories you're telling yourself, starting right now.

So.... if anything in your current life experience is not to your liking, then ask yourself:

  1. Which stories have I been telling myself about this situation?

  2. How is that serving me, or not?

  3. What needs to be let go of?

  4. What will happen when I let that go?

  5. Which divine qualities do I embody?

  6. What is the NEW empowered story I will tell?

  7. How do I feel when I tell this new story?

Gift yourself some time to sit with these questions as you allow your inner wisdom to respond and be sure to write the answers in your journal.

Then tune into this new story every day.

Read it before you get up and start your day and/or before you go to sleep.

Before too long this will be your 'new normal' and your life experiences will reflect this reality in all areas, even in your finances. It might happen gradually as you stretch into being and receiving more joy and abundance.... or it could come all at once, depending on your energy preferences.

I've found the gradual shifts to be the most ease-full to adjust to yet have enjoyed a few intense waves along the way as well.

Whatever works for you.

If you enjoyed this tip, then please share the joy by clicking wildly on the social media share buttons on the side so that your friends can join in the conversation.

And until we meet again... go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business worth waking up for every day!

joyful blessings,


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