August 23, 2017


3 Simple Ways To Bring More Joy and Abundance Into Your Business | #2 Prioritise And Create Space

  • Have you ever noticed how quickly your inbox can fill up with more emails than you have time to read, let alone respond to?
  • How about those stacks of papers that keep on piling up? Or that list of things to do that keeps on growing?

There are just so many things that occupy our time that it can be challenging to stay focused, right?

I just finished sorting out a stack of papers that had been piling up over the last few months and half of them ended up in the fireplace. It included several journals that had been filled up since last year.

Ever since I started housesitting I've had a mini declutter session each time I've moved. It reminded me of the time I was still living in the Netherlands and I was going through all my belongings to decide if I was keeping it or if it could be sold or given away.

As I touched absolutely every item in my home, I asked myself if it still enhanced my joy or if it had served its purpose.

Anything no longer enhancing my joy either went into a pile for my friends and the rest was sold or given to charity. I experienced great joy seeing other people's faces light up when they found something in there that they loved


If you've been finding it hard to stay focused on what you truly wish to manifest in your life, then perhaps it's time to let go of what's been distracting you.

I've noticed an interesting pattern amongst many of us on a path of conscious expansion and awakening. Perhaps you have experienced this yourself.

So what's this pattern, you might wonder?

The moment you catch a glimpse of the expansion that's possible for you and  start to take action to implement some changes, then the distractions start creeping in.

It's as if aspects of you that had been dormant as long as you were laying low and remained invisible, suddenly wake up and become hell bent on ensuring you do NOT expand into unknown territory.

To these aspects of you change means danger.

Expansion means stretching your comfort zone and is to be avoided at all costs if you are to be safe, or at least that's what this program wants you to believe.

Imagine for a moment that these aspects of you call for an inner council meeting to decide the best strategies to ensure you back off or simply forget.

You've probably seen this play out with others when they get a great idea and before too long it fizzles out and they've lost their initial enthusiasm. Maybe it's happened to you as well?

One thing's for sure. If this keeps happening whenever you've had a nudge to step into a more expanded expression of your divine brilliance, then it'll zap the joy right out of you and make life rather mundane.

This pattern will literally de-press you, to unconsciously contain you within a mould that conforms to society's rules of what's acceptable, often in an attempt to fit in and belong. Not surprising that depression is such a challenge for many in today's society.

So how to shift this?

Throughout the next few weeks I'm sharing 3 simple ways to bring more joy and abundance into your life and business.  If you missed tip #1, you can find it here: 3 Simple Ways To Bring More Joy and Abundance Into Your Business| #1 Let Joy Be Your Guide

Here's the second one:

#2 Prioritise and Create Space

In order to prioritise you have to be clear on what truly matters to you. 

If you were to write down your top 10 core values, what would they be?

Freedom? Love? Joy? Peace?

Imagine having to choose just ONE quality from your top 10 core values.

To get crystal clear on what truly matters to you, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If I could have freedom but not joy, would that work for me?
  2. If I could have joy but not freedom, would that work for me?
  3. If I could have freedom but not love, would that work for me?
  4. If I could have love but not freedom, would that work for me?

Go through your list of core values and pair them against each other until you have your definitive (for now) top 3.

In truth you obviously don't have to choose one over the other yet this series of questions will bring to light what really matters to you and can be quite revealing.

Let's say that freedom is top of the list for you. How is that reflected in your life and business?

Next time you're presented with an opportunity or invitation, check in with yourself if this enhances your freedom or does it diminish it?

Try this out next time you're about to spend money on something...

This is where you get the opportunity to prioritise and create space by saying YES to what enhances your core values and NO to what diminishes them.

Saying YES to what truly matters to you may take some getting used to. It tends to stir up all sorts of unconscious rules and agreements that say you must conform and please others before it's your turn.

If you make yourSelf priority #1 then there may be fear of what others think or what you think of yourself. A big one is fear of being considered selfish.

The fear of being rejected, judged, criticised or shamed for saying NO can guilt-trip you into saying YES out of obligation, especially when that's been what others have expected of you or become used to.

Saying YES to YOU may really piss some people off. In fact, you may even lose some friends or colleagues. It's somehow okay to put on your own oxygen mask at 35,000 feet yet not when you're on the ground?

I assure you, though, that when you give yourself permission to honour your divine brilliance and to let your choices and actions reflect that inner commitment, then you will find new friends entering your life whose presence will more than make up for their departure.

Creating space for what enhances your core values may require a few decluttering sessions in your physical environment as well.

Now that you know your top 3 core values, go through your home and see what reflects these values.

If you realise something isn't aligned, then you have a choice:

Keep it or ditch it.

Once you're clear on what truly matters to you and you start creating space to allow in the people and opportunities that enhance your core values, it’s time to turn on your inner joy sprinklers.

I’ll share some juicy tips with you in the next 3 Simple Ways To Bring More Joy and Abundance Into Your Business.

In the meantime, post a comment below with your insights about uncovering your top 3 core values. I'd love to know what these questions revealed for you.

And if you enjoyed this tip, then please share the joy by clicking wildly on the social media share buttons so that your friends can join in the conversation.

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business worth waking up for every day!

joyful blessings,


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