June 6, 2020


When the Spiritual Rubber Hits the Practical Road

Whenever we receive news that shocks our system, that totally disrupts our everyday life and creates upheaval, that shatters dreams for our future...

what are your options when all you initially feel is shock, anger, disbelief, grief, sadness etc?

? I call these times where the spiritual rubber hits the practical road.

? Where you get to find out what your spiritual practices, such as meditation and yoga, have been preparing you for when the going gets tough in practical everyday matters, when what provided you with security is crumbling under your feet.

? Time to acknowledge what you're feeling and use energy clearing tools to process the emotional charge that's just been lit up like a huge bonfire and can have you feeling powerless to do anything about the situation you're finding yourself in.

? Time to give your trust muscles a workout as you turn UP the dial on your LIGHT and allow yourself to remember that you were born for these times and you have within you absolutely everything you'll ever require to thrive and shine.

? Time to get reSOURCEful and source from within what you require as you turn all the inevitable emotions of anger, blame, rage etc into fertiliser to fuel you into inspired action.

? Time to ask empowering questions that call forth from within the wisdom of the infinite divine BEing you are, that has the higher altitude perspective and already knows the deLIGHTful possibilities available for you BEYOND what you can see, imagine or allow at this time.

? Time to surround yourself with those who see, value and celebrate YOU and the gifts you've come to this world to contribute in ways only you can.... even if you have no idea yet what they could possibly be.

? Time to allow yourself to receive extra support, if required.

? And above all, time to be EXTRA KIND to yourself as you're stumbling your way through this hot sticky mess and remember that you are always FREE to CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

? I've gone through plenty of challenging times myself and speak from experience of the power of applying the above steps. 

? I know what it takes to keep choosing to trust there is a divine plan unfolding for each of us, even or perhaps especially at times when it certainly does NOT appear to be that way. And trust me, I've had more than my fair share of those.

? I've supported hundreds of people, and actually probably more like thousands of people over the last 30+ years in one way or another, with clearing anything from physical/emotional/mental/spiritual trauma to clearing out limiting beLIEfs that held them back from fully showing up in their life, business, career or relationships.

As well as (re)ignited many an inner light that had been dimmed down for whatever reason... and once turned UP, seen many a heart's desire become reality, despite all odds.

? It's as if life prepared me through the many challenges encountered and breaking through and beyond them into new possibilities, to now (more than ever before) be a guide and light for others and share the energy clearing tools to transform any challenge through integrating emotional, mental, intuitive and somatic intelligence.

? That's why I created the Soulfood Sanctuary a few months ago, just before the global lockdowns kicked in. How was that for divine timing and guidance?...

? That's why I've created and offered many transformational programs and services over the years.

? That's why I keep showing up.

Now more than ever before, isn't it time to find out what you're made of?

And to discover what WE can create TOGETHER to thrive through JOY instead of struggle, sacrifice and lack from the old 'no pain, no gain' model? 

The Soulfood Sanctuary is my contribution to increasing the Joy, Prosperity and Abundance Consciousness on the planet.

Feeling called to join us?

See you inside at https://www.facebook.com/groups/soulfoodsanctuary

Go forth and let joy be your guide to a life worth waking up for every day!

many joyful blessings


P.S. And if you're currently finding yourself at a choice point that will create your future, may you discover for yourself how much ease and joy is possible and available for you as one door closes and new ones open....

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