November 15, 2019


When NOT Feeling Joyful Is A Great Sign

Perhaps you’ve experienced this… and perhaps you’re in it right now…
somewhere along this journey called life you might find yourself feeling anything EXCEPT joyful.

If that happens then please know it’s a very common phenomena when you’re choosing to upgrade your life.

Whether that choice has been made consciously or it’s your soul nudging you that it’s time for change… time for a JOY upgrade across the full spectrum of your life….

I’ve found it helpful over the years to remember that anytime I’ve declared a strong desire to experience a certain quality or essence state of BEing, then everything which is NOT that frequency has a way of coming to light to be acknowledged and released so as to make space for more of that essence state.

For example, many years ago I declared I was ready to take my trust muscle training to the next level so I chose to embody FAITH.

Well, good thing I had no idea what that choice was going to call forth or I wouldn’t have consciously opted in, lol

Every, and I do mean EVERY doubt that had been hiding in my body, energy field and archives of my mind came to light.

As Leslie Temple-Thurston from CoreLight says:

Doubt is the ego’s last line of defense.

Far out, did those doubt voices challenge me!

Until it occurred to me this was very interesting…

Here I was, having recently declared my desire to embody faith and all of a sudden I’m experiencing more doubt than ever before.

That’s when it dawned on me that space was being created to embody faith by bringing all those doubts and everything else not in resonance with faith into my awareness so they could be transformed.

It’s like doing a home renovation…

✅ Messy at first as walls might have to come down, stuff you no longer want or need is coming out of hiding places you didn’t even remember were there… dust everywhere…

✅ at some point you’ll probably wonder WTF you’d been thinking to start that renovation in the first place.

✅ And then… as the rubbish is cleared out and space is created…

✅ and the new is starting to take shape…

✅ you see your dream, your vision come to life and oh sweet joy!

⚡️ So what if….whenever this happens, it’s actually a great sign?

⚡️ What if space is being made to experience more joy?

⚡️ What if space is being made to experience the joy you are in a deeper, more profound way?

⚡️ What if space is being made to allow joy into absolutely every aspect of your life and living?

⚡️ What if choosing joy, even when you’re NOT feeling it, creates space for joy to shine light into those experiences that really suck… and who knows… you might suddenly see what’s going on from your soul’s perspective in a whole new light?

⚡️What if JOY is inviting you to allow yourself to let go of all judgments you’ve ever bought into or taken on as your own as to what joy is and is not or that joy is dependent on specific circumstances being met… and good luck if you don’t know what those requirements are…

I just shared this message with our JOY Evolution Summit participants:

Whether you realise it or not, you signed up for upgrading your JOY frequency and are hence giving all areas of your life a renovation ?

Haven’t joined us yet?

You can Joy Binge on over 16 hours of juicy and inspiring conversations.
Check out the line-up of fabulous Joy Beacons HERE .

Wishing you a JOYful weekend, even if you’re NOT feeling it right now.

joyful blessings,


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