March 26, 2021


What Blocks Your Flow of Joy?

Have you ever felt ignored?


As if you weren’t in the room?

Passed over?

Ever shared with someone how excited you were about doing something new and their response was something along the lines of:

'Who’d be interested in that?! 

Why would anyone pay for that?

Why would anyone buy that from you?'

Ever been told to shut up, stay quiet?

As if your opinion was irrelevant?

Ever felt rejected, judged, ridiculed for being you?

Been called weird, odd, told to not be so silly?

Even if you’ve only ever experienced ONE of the above mentioned things,

take a moment to feel into that experience... 

and notice how much joy you felt in that moment...

Odds are... not much, if any.

These core wounding experiences, as insignificant as they might seem to you now, suppressed your light AND blocked your joy.

It will create experiences in your life as opportunities to heal those core wounds and once again have uninterrupted access to your own source of joy.

The way these events show up is different for each of us.

Whatever will get your attention!

  • Relationship breakdowns... 
  • Health challenges... 
  • Money flow blocked... 
  • Hitting a glass ceiling, an unconscious upper limit to what you believe you’re allowed to have, receive, enJOY... and what you're allowed to achieve...

JOY Blockers are an interesting beast...

They can trick you into thinking they don’t apply to you... so you’ll let them pass by unnoticed...

So they get to keep running in the background... placing a cap or limit on how much JOY you’ll allow yourself to experience...

And hence holding you back from FULLY SHINING YOUR LIGHT and being the most LIT UP version of you...

Fortunately there is a way to transform these and unlock new levels of joy in every area of your life. 👍🎉💕

Curious what these tricky JOY Blockers are?

And more importantly, how to transform their (unconscious) grip on you?

Come join me in the 5 Day JOY Booster Challenge!

It’s a game changer. 💕

They Say...

The 5 Day JOY Challenge Booster Challenge is now available
to start at any time.

Get the Bundle now... but only if you're ready for more JOY in YOUR life!

See you on the inside...

Many joyful blessings,


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