June 8, 2020


Ways To Grow Your Trust Fund


it brings up all kinds of responses...

especially when it comes to the topic of money.

Trust - Money and Miracles

As it's never really about the money, even though it can certainly SEEM that way at times, you can replace money with any area of your life where you could benefit from training your trust muscles...

  • If you're feeling stressed about money (or replace with any of the following... your relationship, your job, your career, your business, your health...) then how does that affect your body?

  • How does it affect your creativity?

  • How does it affect your relationships?

  • How does it affect the flow of money?

Of course you know that it would be optimal in such circumstances to find a way to relax and to trust that all is well, really.

And yet, why is it that so many find themselves in a state of FOG (fear/obligation/guilt) and forgetfulness when it comes to crunch time?

So what would be possible for you if you knew you could trust yourSELF, 
no matter what?

This is where a commitment to train your trust muscles is called for.

That calls for a willingness to release all the memories and expectations of betrayal, disappointment and abandonment... even if think you don't have any of those... after all, you've probably cleared and released a gazillion limiting beliefs and programs by now, right?

If doubt no longer existed in your life, it had simply vanished... then what would be possible and available for you?

What would you have to value about yourSELF in order to trust that all is well, even when there is no physical evidence yet that your intentions have manifested?

And which actions can you take now that support the receiving of, the full-fillment of YOU, in all aspects of your life?

It's all too easy to go into panic mode and find yourself off on a tangent to 'do' something, anything, to at least give yourself the illusion that you're doing something about the situation you're finding yourself in. This is action without alignment and is a recipe for burnout.

On the other end of the scale, it can be all too easy to think positive, hope and pray for something to change while not getting into inspired action and giving your ideas a place to land. This is wishful thinking and abdicating your power to create to something outside yourself. A recipe for feeling disempowered.

grow trust fund

What if you tapped into what matters to you, truly, and had a way to align your actions with your vision?

What happens when you grow your inner Trust Fund?

What happens when you trust your divine infinite BEing, the LIGHT you are, to guide you every step of the way?

In which area of your life could YOU use some support with training your trust muscles?

Let's create some miracles together this week!

Many joyful blessings,


P.S. Mark your calendar for the next 5 day challenge that will support you with training your trust muscles and creating money and miracles... It kicks off Monday, June 22nd 😍 to take advantage of the powerful RESET energies of the Solstice...

Interested? Hop on over HERE to get yourself registered. 😊

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