June 16, 2020


The Biggest Risk You Will Ever Take

Do you like to play it safe?

Or do you prefer to throw caution to the wind?

Perhaps a bit of both, depending on the situation?

The other day I had a fascinating conversation with one of my clients about taking risks.

Some interesting limiting beliefs had popped to the surface and although they seemed innocent at first glance, they had been biting her butt in surprising ways.

If you’ve ever set yourself some big goals and get a kick out of overcoming challenges along the way, then you might relate to what happened next. 

I asked her:

  • What if it could be easy?

  • What if you didn't have to justify your success?
  • What if you didn't have to prove anything?

  • What would you have to let go of?

Without a second thought, the answer came:

I’d have to let go of wanting approval from others.


The people pleaser program exposed. 

It has many costumes and ways of presenting itself, as I’m sure you’ve experienced or witnessed in others. 

It will either have you: 

  • conform or rebel 
  • wanting approval
  • or avoiding rejection.

Same coin, different sides.

Either way, it will have you seeking permission to be who you are.

If this program has been running the show for some time then the only ‘problem’ is that you won’t have a clue what ‘being who you really are' might even entail. 

So the inner perfectionist gets to have her way with you by aiming to be perfect and thereby constantly needing approval from others to grant you permission to BE. 

But BE what?

Without the habit of wanting to please everybody, now what? 

So I asked her:  

  • What would you have to value about yourself to let go of wanting approval?

After a few moments of silence the answer appeared:

That I am enough.

She’d tapped into her inner gold!

What would happen if you really knew that you are enough?

Not just conceptualise it but really know it and feel it with every ounce of your BEingness?

YOU are enough, always. 

It's the you version of YOU which just has to get up to speed with that... 

And it has been trained to believe it is separate from the divinity you are so will constantly strive for perfection and seek approval...

Fabulous RED FLAGS to know it is not truth which is guiding you in that moment.


What if it were easy?

  • That would bust the old way of operating and belonging in this world which had as core rule: no pain, no gain. 

  • It would have you drop the masks and stop keeping up appearances. It would allow you to enJOY this adventure we call life.
Keeping Up Appearances

Here’s the paradox of it all... 

That inner perfectionist is striving for perfection and thereby constantly reinforcing the misperception that you are separate from the divine.

If the divine is perceived as perfect, whole and complete… and you were made in the image of the divine... then you are divine and there is nothing to strive for as you already are whole and complete...

Everything you have ever been seeking outside yourself is already available within you if only you allow yourself to receive all of YOU.

That requires a willingness to let go of all your old stories that ever led you to believe you are not good enough, capable enough, ready enough, worthy enough, smart enough, beautiful enough etc etc.

And that, my friend, is where the mind can have its wild way with you.

It’ll chirp in that if there is nothing to strive for, then...

  • life will be boring
  • you’ll never create anything as you won’t have any impulse or desire to do so
  • you’ll wither away and that would be a waste of your life 

and if you are enough as you are then you’ll be alone and won’t have anyone to play with.

Maybe you have a different version of this story but at the core, what if it comes down to having denied yourself the love that you are?

You can strive for excellence, you can choose to experience ever expanding evolving consciousness. How does it get any more exciting than that?

What if the biggest risk you’ll ever take is decide to BE YOU and discover what that looks like, feels like, sounds like in each moment?

Which story will you create now, knowing that you are indeed enough as you are?...

I'd love to know your thoughts on this hot topic...

Go ahead and sprinkle some love in the comments and if you know anyone who'd benefit from receiving this message today... then please share this post with them.

Many joyful blessings,


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