October 21, 2017


How Do You Stay Joyful When You’re Feeling Worried and Overwhelmed?

Have you ever noticed that knowing something mentally does not necessarily mean that all of you is on board with this? I mean, you know that worrying is a waste of your precious life force energy, yet does this stop you from worrying?

Just knowing something at conscious mind level is one thing. Where the disconnect happens is when your subconscious and unconscious hold a different definition. It's when you find yourself thinking one thing yet feeling something else.

Perhaps you can relate to the question below, sent in by Monica:

I'm going through financial difficulties at the moment (trying to find a job and trusting that the right job is going to come) but I wondered, how can we deal with the stress of that, when you're in the red, living off an overdraft and not get sucked into a negative attitude or worry? How do we remain in a joyful and connected state when what we're really feeling is worried and overwhelmed?

When you find yourself in a challenging situation that is creating a lot of stress, then it can be sooooooo easy to forget even the simplest things that you know are beneficial for your wellbeing.

I bet you know exactly what to do more or less of, right?

Get enough rest, spend time in nature, exercise, eat healthy...

So why do we forget?

Worry, anxiety, fear... they literally dumb you down as you forget to breathe... cutting off the oxygen supply to your brain and body... resulting in foggy brain, feeling overwhelmed, confused... basically unable to think straight.

They're contracting emotions which shut you down from receiving the answers/solution you've been searching or asking for.

So... first things first.


Then there is a vital step that many who are familiar with law of attraction and affirmations forget, prefer to skip or are simply unaware of, which actually amplifies the worry and overwhelm.

What is that step?

It's acknowledging what you're actually feeling - such as the worry or overwhelm that Monica mentions - and then allowing the energy to shift from your physical and emotional body and entire energy field before tuning in to the joy you want to experience more of. This can happen in a split second or might take a bit longer, depending on how well trained your trust muscles are.

And by the way, this is really all about allowing yourself to experience more of  YOU, the joy and abundance that you are, and to have this reflected in your life more and more.

Remember... you can't worry your way to joy. They're simply incompatible frequencies broadcasting on different channels.

When you miss this step, aka spiritual bypassing, then you're dragging all this emotional crap with you, pretending it isn't there, and wondering why your affirmations aren't shifting your energy and circumstances...

It'll amplify all the 'not good enough' stories, beLIEfs and memories you've ever picked up or bought into and hence give you more to worry about.

Catch 22, anyone?

If you're currently finding yourself in a challenging situation, then simply re-mind yourself to breathe and allow the infinite BEing you are to shift the energy in you and the situation(s) at hand...  and then ask yourself:

  • What would light me up in this moment?
  • What would be fun to experience right now?
  • What feels joyful to my essence?
  • What enhances my joy?

Then act on the wisdom of your inner BEing and let that inform all your DOing.

Will you allow yourself to do this?

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business worth waking up for every day!

joyful blessings,


P.S. If you'd like some support with increasing your joy, prosperity and abundance frequency, then check out the fabulous resources HERE.

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