Samara Stone on Creating The True Confidence You Need To Be Unstoppable on Your Path to Abundance

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Samara Stone is a sunny California native with a bright infectious smile.  Her natural ability to connect with people and her strong entrepreneurial spirit have led to a unique 20 plus year career in Social Work.  

Since 2005, she has served as the Founding CEO of The Stone Foundation, a behavioral health firm in Maryland and is the force behind Perfected Practice, an international branding and business strategy program for mental health entrepreneurs.

Known for her dynamic presentation style and wealth of knowledge, she naturally inspires others to join her in being Unstoppable.

If you've ever held yourself back from taking action because you felt uncertain of what to do or you wanted things to be perfect first, then you will love the powerful re-mind-ers Samara shares with us in this juicy interview. In fact, as she said:

"Not  only  do  I  wish  I  had  known  that  then  and  have  to  relearn  it  every  time  I'm  up  leveling but  continually  remind  myself  of  this  on  an  ongoing  basis,  is  that  you're  going  to  feel  a  little  afraid  sometimes  not  knowing exactly  how  to  proceed  
forward  with  perfection.  You're  going  to  kind  of  be  uncertain  and  you  should  still  move  forward  anyway."

So many pearl of wisdom in this juicy conversation!

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