June 5, 2017


What’s Your Money Story?

Are the stories you're telling yourself about money empowering you or are they holding you back?

Since I ran the original 40 Days of Money and Miracles Experiment in 2013,
I have coached many clients through the 40 day program to transform their limiting beliefs about money, life and themselves.

The most common comment I've received?

I had NO idea I had so much unresolved money crap!

The Impact of Your Money Stories

Have you ever considered the impact your current money story might have on your finances?

You might be amazed at what you'll uncover when you set aside some time to ponder this question.

I mean, every single one of us on this planet has beliefs about money, right? 

Most of these are unconscious, though, and that's where it can get tricky. After all, you don't know what you don't know. Would you agree?

There are a series of common money blocks that affect all of us to one degree or another, regardless of the balance in our bank accounts.

How To Identify Your Money Blocks

In order to access these blocks, it's helpful to do some writing as you ask yourself the following questions:

  • how do I feel about money?
  • which stories did I buy into from parents, teachers, society that may not be empowering me?
  • how safe do I feel about receiving more money than those I love?
  • which judgements about spirituality and money might be affecting me?

In my family, for example, the story being told on my maternal side was that money was the domain for men... so men made the money and women just had to marry someone with money in order to be secure, safe and provided for.

This resulted in a lot of (un)conscious resentment and anger within me in regards to Source for having me be in female body and for men having these unfair advantages when it came to money just because they were in male bodies.

Obviously not very empowering nor honouring of my feminine energy, which is tied in to receiving... and led to many experiences of giving more than I allowed myself to receive.

So which story or stories come to mind for you in regards to money?

Imagine what might happen if you could simply delete ALL the limiting stories you've been running about money and from this moment on create a brand new story... One that empowers you and supports you with fully embodying and expressing your unique brilliance...

  • Can you allow yourself this gift?
  • Will you allow yourself this gift?
  • When?
  • If not now, then when?

Seriously, one of THE fastest ways to clear up your (un)conscious crap and limitations that have been standing in the way of you fully embodying and expressing YOUR brilliance is to clear up your money crap. 

EVERYBODY has money beliefs... the question is: Are these beliefs empowering you or not?

The more we each clean up our money crap and start telling ourselves empowering money stories, the more of us will have money to make empowered choices with and that may just be the change we've been waiting for...

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business worth waking up for every day!

joyful blessings,


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