June 14, 2017


Does Your Money Mindset Support A Thriving Business?

You know, when I left my dream job at the airlines after 15 years to fully pursue the calling of my soul business in 2008, I had NO idea it would be so challenging!

If I had known, then I might have delayed my imminent departure yet looking back, it put me on the fast track of clearing out ALL the unconscious limitations I had bought into about my value and how that got reflected by money, or lack thereof.


One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was asking for support and then being willing and open to receiving it, including receiving money for my time and services.


I remember when I first started my business on the side while I was still flying and I decided to switch from offering coaching and healing sessions by the hour to offering 6 month packages.


I had to overcome and resolve an inner conflict that had me doubt if anyone would invest 6 months of their time and the 1200 euros I asked back then to coach with me. I had personally invested many years and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into my trainings plus coaching and healing sessions for myself so what was going on here???


I was hypnotised by the doubt gremlins, thinking their thoughts were my own, especially this one:


Who am I to think I can do what I love and excel at AND be well paid for it?


It was also a false and distorted sense of humility, another trap by ego mind to supposedly prevent me from getting too big for my britches and getting lost in self importance, also known as arrogance.


The last 8 years since flying on my own wings have been quite an immersion program of clearing out and optimising my money mindset files. Each time I knew it was time to increase my fees I'd go through this period of inner turmoil, where the next layer of doubt and fears had been hiding out!


I've done a lot of should-ing on myself over the years. You know the ones... I should have this worked out by now... I should be done with this after all the deep clearings and healings I've had... I should know better... blah, blah, blah.


Seriously, there have been plenty of times where I thought there was no point and it all felt too much. At those times I was reminded of my name on the hill in Glastonbury after I had asked Source for a sign. You can read that HERE.

And I'd be re-mind-ed that this clearing out phase was not just of accumulated distortions in this lifetime but every incarnation ever experienced. Whoa, that certainly put everything into perspective when things didn't make any sense at all.


You know how they say that we teach what we are here to master? 


I'd say I signed up to master the art of clearing and removing all perceived limitations placed on Self and using money as a catalyst to stir up all the crap that ever held me back from fully embracing and expressing my divine brilliance in the most joyful ways.


And as such, this is what I support my clients with. After all, there's nothing like personal experience to be able to recognise self imposed limitations in others and then transform all that shit into fertiliser for your dreams to manifest and thrive, right?!


I do love the humour of my divine support team, despite having wanted to strangle them at times when I was feeling super frustrated. Yet, those times were usually right before I had a big breakthrough. Perhaps the infamous breakdown before the breakthrough?


I dare say that with the new world we're all co-creating that we no longer need to have a breakdown before a breakthrough. 

Why not choose to take on the growth required for the expansion you're desiring in your life or business and let that growth occur through joy instead of pain?

Until we meet again, go forth and let joy be your guide to a life and business that are worth waking up for every day.

joyful blessings,


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