Julia McKeowen on the 3 Secrets to Soul Centred Sales

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Julia is the Soul-Centred Sales Queen. She loves supporting entrepreneurs to transform their negative associations with sales.

Her 10+ years of experience in the cut-throat sales industry inspired her to create the 7 Pillars of Soul Centred Sales mentoring programs, for women who desire a Mindset Makeover around Selling.  

Julia helps you remove the “fear of” and “awkwardness from” sales so you can feel confident and enjoy heart-based connections that naturally lead to more sales with ease and grace.

If you know your gifts will benefit those you are here to serve then you owe it to yourself and your future customers/clients to get as comfortable having sales conversations as you are talking about what you love to do and be.  

If you've ever ​felt intimidated by the thought of having to sell yourself to sell your products or services, then listen in to this juicy conversation with Julia as she shares her top 3 secrets for becoming a sales rockstar as you embrace sales the Soul Centred Way. 

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