Recommended Resources to Increase Your
Joy, Prosperity and Abundance

Essence Manifesting Playbook - Clearing Ancestral Money Stories

Clear your Ancestral Money Stories and release hidden money blocks to bring more joy, ease and abundance into your life. 

Whether you''re new to clearing your money issues or you're a pro, if you find yourself hitting an invisible wall or ceiling that seems to be blocking your money flow... and nothing that normally works is shifting it...

then it's time for an energy clearing and activation to clear your ancestral money stories. Includes energy clearing and activation audio.

40 Days of Joy - Healing Meditations

I can’t wait for you to fall in love with these 40 exquisite color-infused healing meditations that will align you with your own inner joy channel. These quick joy boosters are between 7-13 minutes each.

Fill up your tank with joy and watch your entire life change. Joy is the key to abundance.. It’s not something that you need to “find” or “look for” outside of yourself.

These meditations are like having your own set of Joy tuning forks to access anytime you'd like to boost your joy.

Great for yourself and they make a brilliant gift for someone you love.

Abundant Soulpreneur Wisdom Bundle

Get ready to uplevel your biz skills with the amazing wisdom and business training resources shared by our team of experts to support you with sales, copywriting, sales funnels, marketing and mastering social media, branding, unstoppable confidence, energy alignment and so much more.You'll LOVE it ?

Joy Evolution Summit

Ready to crank up the joy dial in your life for juicier relationships, health, wealth and all that delicious stuff?

Join us for the JOY Evolution Summit, featuring 30+ amazing JOY beacons from around the world sharing their journey-to-joy stories with you and how they now express their divine brilliance in the world in the most joyful and abundant ways.

Faith Lift Bundle

Times of uncertainty and unexpected, sudden disruptions to your everyday life have a way of bringing to light fear of the unknown... and can turn up your worry, anxiety and stress levels, even if you've done a lot of energy clearing already.

What if that's an excellent time for a Faith Lift?...

Curious what it is and what a Faith Lift can do for YOU?

Ready for some potent energy clearings and activations?