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It’s Never Too Late To Redefine Your Meaning Of Success



Have you ever noticed that anytime you find yourself getting ready to expand into the next level for your growth and evolution, be that in your life, your business, your finances, your wellbeing, your body…
with ease and flow… all kinds of obstacles can suddenly appear out of nowhere?

It’s as if the universe is sending all these objections in an attempt to stop you from taking that leap…

  • You know, every time you make fun plans, you get sick. Or someone you love gets sick and suddenly needs all your attention.
  • Or every time you resolve to trust the universe with your finances you get "bad news" from a financial authority. 
  • Or just as you receive an unexpected sum of money, not long after equally unexpected bills wipe out whatever extra you had.

You catch my drift…

And isn’t it interesting how we live by so many definitions and rules that we’re not even conscious of that may be creating inner conflict, as well as outer conflict?

Topics such as success.

  • What does success mean to you?
  • When do you know you’re successful?
  • Where have you let others dictate what success looks like or is supposed to look like?
  • Does your definition of success match what resonates with your truth?

I’ve been contemplating success from many different angles over the years.

A very special time with my dad really hit home that it’s never too late to redefine your meaning of success.

Claim success through owning your true purpose

My dad passed away at the end of November 2021. 

It all happened very quickly.

One day I was visiting him at his home, and next thing I know he’s in the hospital undergoing all sorts of tests and a month later he passed away.

At one point, I remember him calling me and asking if I could come over because he said:

'I've got something really important to discuss with you.' 

And I thought, oh gosh, what is this? So I arrive at the hospital and sit down and say: 

'Okay, what is this thing that is so important that you want to discuss with me?' 

And he says to me:

'You can communicate with spirit, right? I have been asking spirit every night if they can take me home. I'm in pain. I don't want to be here anymore. I know that I'm on the way out, why are they not answering my request? What do you get?’

And I sat down with him and just felt so much compassion for him because he was in a lot of pain, and a lot of discomfort. And it was just not fun to be in this physical body anymore. And I remember a magnet that he had on his fridge. It was about success. 

This magnet said something along the lines of ‘true success is knowing that you have made at least one person's life better by you being in the world.’

In the last couple of weeks of his life he’d been saying to me that he was just blown away by how moved he was that so many people loved him. He had been contacting everyone to let them know that he was on the way out. And when he shared that with them, then everyone was just letting him know how much of an impact he had had in their lives, how much he had contributed to their well being, to their joy, to their happiness, to their lives. 

And he was just moved to tears. 

One day he said to me:

Oh my god, I just can't believe how many people are so moved by having known me and having been my friend. And when I share with them that I'm dying, and that I'm on the way out, they burst into tears. And I just didn't know that people cared so much. I thought I'd been a failure as a dad and a failure in so many different ways.’

And I said to him:

Well, remember that fridge magnet that you have about success? And that true success is having made at least one person's life better by you being in the world?’ 

And he says: ‘Yeah’.

So I continued:

Well, what if the time that you have left in this body on this planet is Spirit giving you an opportunity to receive how loved you actually are, how you matter, how you've always mattered, and how deeply missed you will be by all those who have been impacted by your presence… 
And being able to receive that… You know, not from when you are beyond here, when you’ve stepped out of your body. I'm sure you'll be able to know this then…
But being able to have this human experience, wrapping up the end of your journey by experiencing not just the words, which are empty if they haven't been lived and embodied, but letting yourself experience and feel how much of a success you actually are and have been and what an impact you have and how your presence made this world a better place.’

And he looked at me and he was like:

Oh, yeah, maybe you're right…’ 

He reached out and claimed who he truly was and is—a success.

I love this photo of my dad. I took it years ago when we had just finished having breakfast. We'd walked across the road to admire the magnificent ocean we both loved so much and I invited him to sit on the wall to enjoy our takeaway coffee. He'd never done that before and he loved it!

Sharing this last phase of his life until his last breath was such a huge gift. 

It's a very profound experience to be in someone's life when they are consciously transitioning. 

So much healing occurred for us both. More on that in another post…

Success or Failure… What Are YOU Choosing To  Accept About Yourself?

With all that is happening in the world at the moment I think so many people are questioning who they are, why they’re here… which will inevitably have you question:

 ‘Am I a success? Am I a failure?'

Accompanied by fear of success and/or fear of failure, which often runs in the background or under the surface, and won’t become apparent until you’re about to uplevel in whichever area of your life or business.

But success and failure according to whose definitions?

And what if we’re alive at a time where we can actually not just change the story, choose different words, but also clear our physical body from all the stories that have been passed down through the generations and that have been encoded in our DNA and are held in our body? 

Which have been creating this restriction and limitation…

What if now is the time to let all of that be cleared, released, and dissolved from our bodies?

And thereby, as each and every one of us redefines our meaning of success…

Like the magnet on my dad’s fridge reminding him that success is making a positive difference in at least one person's life… and seeing that  he had impacted hundreds, if not 1000s of people's lives, as I'm sure you have as well… so by that definition, you are successful beyond measure, right? 

So what is your definition of success?

And how is that playing out in your life? 

  • If it's helping you and if it’s having you feel expansive, and feeling, you know, really abundant and joyful and at peace and feeling fulfilled, then great, keep it up! 

  • If it's not, if it's restricting you or you know, you're ‘should-ing’ on yourself, then what if you choose to write a different story, a new definition of success based on what that is for you? 

As I've been diving into Quantum Human Design™ and studying with Karen Curry-Parker, I’ll be sharing more about how you can play with your own unique design and how this can support you on your journey as well.

May you allow the sunshine inside you illuminate you from within… and letting that illuminate the path that is right for you. So that you can be the light you are in the world and know that you are here to share whatever uplifts you. 

That may require clearing and releasing a bit of conditioning, programming and stuff that you've taken on from others as to what you're supposed to be doing or what you're supposed to be, and all of that stuff. 

And remember…

It’s never too late to redefine your meaning of success!

What will yours be?

My definition of success is doing what I love, and loving what I'm doing, and having a positive impact on others from sharing my gifts and my brilliance and being supported in every way in living that in my life. 

It's an ongoing journey and an ongoing expansion process.

If you’d like some support on your journey, then you'll love the upcoming online healing retreats I'm facilitating in collaboration with my friend, and fellow Alchemist and kick-ass healer Bethany Mitchell!

Joyful blessings,

P.S. There are also lots of options to work with me intensively, if that's what you're ready for.

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