November 12, 2019


Having a SHI(F)T Day?

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like shit for no particular reason?⁣

What if those are in fact huge SHI(F)T days?…⁣

⁣I’ve been having a few of these lately and honestly… if I didn’t have the tools to shift energy then I’d have started wondering if my life was going to hell in a hand basket.⁣

So what are some of the signs that indicate you might be having a SHI(F)T day instead of a plain shit day?⁣

  • ⁣You’re feeling great and then all of a sudden it’s as if all the joy and life force are sucked out of you and you can barely keep your eyes open…⁣

  • You’re starting to have all these doubts about who you are, what you’re being and doing in the world and if there’s any point to what you’re contributing anywhere…⁣

  • Things are cruising along beautifully in your life and you’re experiencing more and more ease, joy and flow… and then BAM, some drama appears that pulls you out of your zone… and it might not even be yours….⁣

Recognise any of those?⁣

It’s literally like you’ve walked through energetic sewage and taken it on as your own.⁣

So here is the key re-mind-er for me to recognise a SHI(F)T day:⁣

When any of the above scenarios play out or a gazillion other variations thereof, and I suddenly feel like shit… ⁣


✅ which can be disguised as feeling like a fool… ⁣

⁣✅ or feeling like a failure…⁣

✅ or suddenly feeling really judgemental or angry…⁣

⁣✅ or feeling overwhelmed by grief…⁣

⁣whichever variety it might be…⁣


⁣the moment I notice that this is odd (because I was feeling great earlier on and I feel so much gratitude for the life I’m living), I ask myself:⁣

⚡ Is this mine or have I picked it up somewhere?⁣


And guess what?⁣

Most of the time it wasn’t even mine!


How do I know?⁣⁣

Because I give instructions to return it to its Source and the moment I’ve done that, I instantly feel lighter and I feel my mood shift.⁣ And this is often accompanied by all over goosebumps as the energy shifts.

Return to sender, even if address is unknown. 


That’s when I receive another JOY Upgrade and things flow again.⁣

Like magic…


What if there’s a whole new level of JOY for YOU to experience in your life?

What could a JOY Upgrade do for your relationships, your business, your career, your finances, your body, your wellbeing?…


Have a fabulous week.

joyful blessings


P.S. If you’ve been experiencing these SHI(F)T days (a lot) lately in your life and you’d like some support with clearing these suckers and upgrading to the next level of joy available for you, then check out the fabulous resources available for you in the Joy Shop HERE

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