November 26, 2018


A Simple Way To Reach Your Goals and Boost Your Abundance Frequency

Curious how?

Then read on, my friend.

I was just reflecting on the amazing shifts and transformations in my own life, as well as in the lives of my clients and course participants over the last few months.

It's so important to take time out to review how far you've come and celebrate your success and wins along the way, would you agree?

When you forget this crucial element, which happens to boost your abundance frequency, and you only keep your focus on your goals and what you want to achieve and create... then guess what?


As you haven't reached the 'destination' of your desired goals yet, it'll easily trip you into lack frequency, also recognised by feeling or thinking:


  • you're not enough
  • you don't have enough time
  • not enough money
  • not enough support
  • not enough of the right tools etc etc


You might find yourself feeling impatient, starting to second-guess yourself, doubting if you're on the right track and so forth...


It totally shuts you off from seeing other possibilities and tends to knock you out of the game before you've ever really started.


And it'll keep you in avoidance-mode, aka procrastinating, not doing what you'd said you'd do, or doing what you'd said you wouldn't... which creates inner breach of integrity.... and keeps the old BS story going that you can't trust yourself or others.


Basically, it'll drag your vibration down and keeps you energetically mis-matched with the frequency of your desired outcomes.


And before you know it, you feel so contracted that you wouldn't recognise inspiration if it whacked you on the head, lol


Ever had that happen?


I sure have and it sucks.


Over the years, though, I've trained myself to catch old outdated habits like the one above and the moment I realise it just lured me in, what do I do?


  • I acknowledge what I'm feeling...
  • I process the energy... which might mean doing some journaling or having a chat with my guides and angels to assist me or applying some of my energy clearing tools...

and then...

  • And I start asking myself different questions.


Instead of noticing what appears to be missing in my life or business, I switch to appreciating all the amazingness already present.


And then I'll start wondering...


I wonder... what's the first or next aligned step I can take right now that'll bring me closer to manifesting my juicy goals?

And wouldn't you know it?

I suddenly know exactly what my next step is and the energy flows again.

As Mercury is currently in retrograde mode and it often gets a bad rap if misunderstood, I had to smile when I opened my email to find an astrology update from Pam Younghans as she wrote:

We are drawn into reflection this week, due in part to retrograde Mercury being a prominent participant in the week's proceedings. The Messenger Planet sets up circumstances that compel us to review and rethink all that has transpired recently. As we ponder the past, we are being given the chance to re-imagine and reshape our future. We will have the opportunity to implement the awareness we gain once Mercury again goes direct on December 6 -- the same day as our next New Moon.

So... if something isn't flowing as effortlessly or abundantly in your life or biz as you'd like, then what can you appreciate that IS going well or that is deLIGHTful, or that enhances your experience of joy right this very second?

  • Take some time to appreciate YOU and how far you've come.
  • Look back at where you were at the start of this year or maybe even a few years ago... and now see how far you've come and how much you've grown and how there is plenty to appreciate.
  • And then take that positive evidence of your ability to manifest amazing things in your life to decide on your next aligned action step... and then the next one...

and before you know it, you'll be celebrating having reached your juicy goals and you're ready to imagine what else is possible and available for you now.

If this inspired you then go ahead and leave a comment with what resonated most and feel free to share this post on your fave social platform. Sharing the JOY.

joyful blessings,


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