Anna Kowalska on How to Create a Business that Serves You and Your Soul Destined Clients

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​Anna Kowalska guides heart centered, spirit led entrepreneurs in creating a business that is an expression of their soul purpose, with consistent flow of their soul destined ideal clients and consistent cash flow, while avoiding frustration or servitude.

If you've ever wondered what the lines in your hands say about you, then join us for this juicy fascinating conversation as Anna ​shares how she discovered Scientific Hand Analysis and how the lines in our hands reveal our soul purpose and so much more.

I loved her insights into the different schools held in our hands that reveal our purpose, life lessons and how that relates to creating a business that serves you and your soul destined clients! I'm sure you're going to love this and you may just want to get your hands Anna'lysed, too.

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​​"Your Success is in Your Hands" shows you how to use the map to your success, placed right in your hands, based on Scientific Hand Analysis and create soul purpose aligned vehicle for service. Beyond strategies, business plans and the latest, hot list building or client attracting tool, there is a way to creating a lasting, fulfilling and impactful success in your life and business, based on your own soul purpose and your design.

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