September 20, 2022


3 Clues That You Need An Abundance Reset


  • What does it mean to you?

  • And how is this reflected in your life?

We’ve all come into this world with the Abundance Program installed.

The question is… 

Which version are you running?

  • The old one is programmed with instructions for surviving based on abundance of lack and doubt… 
  • The Quantum Abundance program is designed to support you to prosper and thrive by BEing YOU as you express your gifts and talents in the world in ways most joyful and fulfilling for you.

What if your soul is asking you to consider what you’re going to choose:

  1. Keep holding on to what you’ve known and feels familiar, even if it’s based in old abundance program of lack and driven by fear… surviving yet at what cost? Holding on to worry, anxiety, shame, blame, disappointment, grudges?

  2. Step across the line once and for all as you choose to take a leap of faith and jump into the unknown and allow yourself to thrive beyond your wildest dreams...

Not sure what your soul is telling you and wish the universe would give you a clue on the direction you should take? Here’s 3 signs your abundance frequency could use a boost…

3 Clues That You Need an Abundance reset

Your Abundance Program Needs An Upgrade if: 

  1. You're tired of the drama that keeps repeating in your life over and over again. Different people, same story…

  2. You keep questioning your lovability, whether you're good enough or worthy enough of being loved for who you are...

  3. You thought you were living on purpose but then the world changed over the last few years and you’re wondering what the heck you’re meant to be doing now...

Reset With Your Unique Roadmap

We’re alive in the middle of a massive reset for humanity.

A time when old paradigms and "operating systems" are being replaced with new, upgraded programs to support the well-being of all.

Perhaps you're finding it challenging as fuck to stay in trust when you’re not feeling supported or don’t yet see HOW you can manifest a new life for yourself in which you’re not just surviving through it all but are actually thriving…

If only there was a roadmap to guide you, right?

Well, I have good news for you!

You’ve come into this world with a magnificent roadmap.

Your very own unique blueprint, and it contains everything you need to fulfill your destiny.

One way to decode this blueprint of yours is through the lens of Quantum Human Design™ (created by Karen Curry-Parker).

One of the things I love about Quantum Human Design™

is that it provides me with a map to very quickly see the potential of what someone can grow into when they embrace their Life and Soul purpose....

and also where they're most likely to be experiencing stress from not living in alignment with who they truly are.

It quickly reveals where you might be living out the low and high-frequency expression of your gifts, talents, and challenges...

as well as the emotional baggage you've inherited from your ancestors and picked up from the collective.

Having this map provides me with laser focus for where healing, releasing of outdated beliefs and programs, and upgrading internal self-talk is going to be optimal for you.

  • As your body, mind and energy field are recalibrated to elevated frequencies such as joy, peace, bliss etc you’ll find yourself moving through challenges with a lot more ease and able to stay centered within your beautiful heart, no matter what’s going on around you.
  • You’ll start to experience more flow as you deepen your trust in yourself and gain confidence in your Divine guidance system.
  • You’ll find yourself relaxing into the moment more and more as anxiety melts away. When you know that divine timing has got your back and that you’ll know when the time is right for your next step, there’s no need to push, force or trying to control everything and anyone.
  • You’ll find yourself releasing attachment to the drama of your past and the stories that kept repeating themselves over and over again. You know, different people, same story… 

  • And you’ll start to tell and live a new empowering story that’s deeply grounded in your body. That will have you marvel in awe at the magic of divine co-creation in your life.

Aka miraculous synchronicities and unexpected delightful surprises showing up seemingly out of nowhere. And usually way more magnificent than your mind could have conjured up with its limited perspectives.


When you surround yourself with others who are committed to showing up for themselves and each other to UPlift, then you’re not only supported beyond what you’ve probably been used to…

you’re also much more likely to keep showing up even when you don’t feel like it because the group is counting on you.

And something magical happens somewhere along that journey together:

You build momentum and there comes a moment where you let go of the one thing that was holding you back and keeping you hooked into the field of lack…

and you’re suddenly lifted beyond what you allowed yourself to experience before.

The abundance of pain, lack, not enough starts to dissolve.

How my design helps you discover yours...

Part of my design is a very curious mind that likes to understand the way things work and then apply that to everyday living with practical solutions, especially in regards to transforming lack into abundance.

I've been exploring ways to leverage Quantum Level Jumping to quickly clear, release, and transcend limitations and agreements: 

  • held in the body
  • imprinted in the energy field
  • hidden in the archives of the subconscious mind
  • accepted cultural conditioning and status quo agreements of ‘that’s just how it is’

All of this is blocking you from accessing what else is possible!

If you’ve ever interacted with me, be that in person or online, and felt uplifted and lighter by the time you left… part of the ‘secret’ is that my energy field acts like a tuning fork to transform lack into abundance. 


My gifts will help you push against, and dissolve the boundaries and limitations imposed by society and cultural conditioning.  And together we’ll explore what else is possible and available for you beyond all of that…

My soul curriculum includes creating prosperity by doing the work I love and inspiring others to do the same. 

As we journey together you can borrow my radical faith and intuition as we chart your course to living aligned with your authentic Self and fulfilling your true purpose.

Feeling a HECK YEAH to experiencing this for yourself?

Then the 40 Day
Quantum Abundance Reset is for YOU.

Start: February/March 2023

Finish: April 2023

Integration and Celebration Group Call : April 2023

The first group call kicks off our 40 day adventure the end of February.

This will give you a fabulous opportunity to experience your own Quantum Human Design™ in action.

We’ll be deconditioning the faulty abundance programming, which keeps creating abundance of lack, abundance of what you say you don’t want…

And recalibrating you to the Quantum Abundance Field, which supports your energy with magnetising to you: 

  • abundance of joy
  • abundance of love
  • abundance of harmony
  • abundance of beauty
  • abundance of what lights you UP
  • abundance of what supports you to prosper and thrive BEing YOU, regardless of whether others approve or not.

What Will The Journey To Creating Your Roadmap to Prosperous Thriving By Design Look Like?


Weekly 90 minute Quantum Abundance Reset group calls (we’ll meet in Zoom) where we’ll go Quantum Level Jumping!  

You’ll receive my support with clearing and releasing outdated programming, upgrading your mindset, elevating your frequency, and practical action steps aligned with your unique design to implement in your everyday life.


Daily contemplation prompts to bring into awareness where and how your abundance program has been running on outdated versions and how to anchor the Quantum Abundance frequencies in your body and life.

Align Your Vision 2018 Program


Simple, yet potent as fuck clearing tools to turn that old crap into fertiliser for your dreams to manifest as you upgrade and activate the Quantum Abundance program and frequencies.


You’ll get practical tips and fun exercises to fine-tune your intuition, train your trust muscles, and relax into your body’s optimal rhythm and flow of abundance, based on your Quantum Human Design™


You’ll be part of a group committed to UPlifting themselves and each other as we elevate our frequency together

If you’ve experienced one of my other 40 day journeys then you know how powerful and transformational they are...and how they support growth and expansion, regardless of when you join. 

These 40 day experiences are divine transmissions.

It took some years to realize that I’m not simply transmitting words.

Words have a frequency, so even after the event is over, as you revisit the replays, they've been encoded with a frequency of love and light that you can access any time.

And this frequency is updated in real time. That’s the Quantum Abundance field in action.

You’ll receive exactly what you need and what’s optimal for your growth and evolution at the pace that’s right for you.

You can repeat these journeys as often as you like, and each time it'll be a next level upgrade.

Why 40 days?

Those pesky limiting beliefs and programs can be released and transformed instantly. 

But that’s just the beginning of the journey.

Where the real work comes in is by creating new habits that support the transformation.

And 40 days provides you with a fabulous and doable time frame to change a habit and start making it your new default.

By the way, even though some of the transformations you’ll experience may be huge, the actual habits to sustain your transformation may very well seem tiny…

Don’t let that fool you. Making one ‘tiny’ change, such as loving and accepting yourself as you are 1% more each day with the healing tools you’ll learn to master… will have massive ripple effects into every area of your life.

The 40-Day Quantum Abundance Reset is yours to experience at a special debut price! Your investment to join will be just US$497, and will never be this low again. Once we complete our 40 days the journey will be offered at $997.

And if you need personal attention through your growth and expansion, you can upgrade to VIP with weekly 30-minute private, breakthrough sessions. This private package debuts at only US$997. After our 40 days are complete, this journey will be a $1997 investment.

As an EXTRA BONUS you'll also receive a private 1 hour Quantum Human Design™ reading with me - that's another $333 value added in.

Why go VIP?

The private sessions are 100% focused on you.

We'll utilise your Quantum Human Design™ to quickly get to the root of where you've been out of alignment with your Life and Soul Purpose so that we can clear and alchemise that crap.

I'll help you extract the gold from your past to create your roadmap to prosperous thriving with ease and joy.

All of this will be based on what deeply matters to you, is aligned with your values, and what you've come to this earth to contribute with your Presence.

When you feel safe to BE YOU, you'll feel confident and empowered to be seen and heard as you express your unique brilliance in the world.

Imagine what that opens up for you...

Time investment

  • 10 minutes daily for YOU

We're all busy so the 40 Day Quantum Abundance Reset will be designed to easily fit into your day by setting aside 10 minutes for YOU to receive the daily Abundance Activation prompt.

You can do this at any time throughout the day or evening.
Once you've received your daily activation, it'll start to work its healing magic.

  • 90 minutes once a week with our group call

Join the group calls LIVE or catch the replay. You'll receive exactly what's optimal for your growth and evolution.

* You can of course invest more time if you like, yet this is the minimum required to get the most out your 40 day experience.

This Is Your Time to Reset

I’ve facilitated numerous transformational journeys over the years, including 40 Days of Money and Miracles, the 5 Day Faith Lift Challenge, 40 Days of JOY, and many more.

As a Practical Joy Alchemist, I love to blend my head-in-the-clouds, spiritual, mystical side with my feet-on-the-ground human explorer side to blaze a trail to the leading edge of consciousness. 

This unique combination of spirit and substance helps me guide you through the work of uncovering the subconscious programming and blocks that have been showing up and holding you back both in your energetic frequencies and in the practical, physical world. 

Once we uncover what’s holding you back, we’ll work together to clear and reset in engaging, fun, and dynamic ways. Just because it’s called inner work, doesn’t mean it can’t be done with a sense of ease and joy. 

I have over 35 years experience in a wide variety of healing modalities and am a truly abundant resource of wisdom to support you wherever you’re at on this journey.

I can hardly wait to see the magic unfold as we co-create this powerful
40 Day Quantum Abundance Reset!

Join the Waiting List to receive your invitation when the Quantum Abundance Reset opens up for registration.

Plus receive exclusive practical tips to prime your pump for your Quantum Abundance Reset!

I can hardly wait to see you there!

Joyful blessings,


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