January 11, 2019


2019 Energy – Giving Voice to your Divine Expression

Happy New Year. Happy 2019. What an amazing year 2018 was... Intense, right?

On many levels, for me anyway, it's been an amazing, extraordinary year. The word that I set for 2018 was ease. And my theme was epic abundance. And it truly has been an abundant year beyond anything I've experienced up to date.

And for 2019 my word is love. And my theme is divine union. And that ties in beautifully with the energy for 2019, which as I feel into it is all about giving voice to your divine expression.

​With 2019 being a 12/3 year, the colors connected with 12 are clear ​light, sky blue, green and turquoise.
I'll get into what that means a little bit more in just a second.

Now, I want you to just feel for a moment, if you were at the end of 2019...

  • What is it that you want to be celebrating?
  • What is a quality that you really wish to embody, to experience fully in this year?

Whatever that quality is, that can be your word for the year. And you can also choose a theme, you know, whatever it is that you would like to experience more of so your word and your theme complement each other.

For me, as I said, it's love and divine union. And for me, divine union is really about giving voice to my divine expression, and really allowing the masculine and feminine energies within to be fully in Divine union, letting the light that I am fully express my brilliance in the world, and allowing that experience of divine union, that harmony, that full integration, that Trinity, that unity to be experienced in every aspect of my life.

Now, ​when you declare a word, or you declare something​ that you're wanting to create in your life, then if you're not fully experiencing that quality, or you're wishing to upgrade to have a deeper experience of that quality, what that will do is call forth into light, into awareness, everything which has not been that... and that is what 2019 is supporting us with.

When you look at the clear and the blue bottle, ​the clear is really allowing the light of consciousness to shine on, in this case the blue, which is your center of expression, your throat chakra.

And blue is also associated with peace, it's associated with authority, and thereby really allowing the light of spirit, the light of consciousness, the light of source, to illuminate and to bring into awareness where you may have been abdicating authority on to others, or onto anything other than yourself, and allowing yourself to reclaim the sovereignty of the Divine Being that you are, the magnificent creator being that you are here to be, so that you can express your brilliance and give voice to your divine expression.

So one of the things which that can stir up is the fear of what may happen if you speak your truth, if you speak from your heart.

And this is, I guess, the path of mastery. ​The path of mastery for 2019 is really about allowing yourself:

  • to give yourself the space that you need
  • to claim the time that you require
  • to prioritize yourself
  • to take time out to be in nature to unplug.

It could even just be having 15 minutes undisturbed, turn off your phone. Maybe you can extend that into having a day off, just unplug from your computer, turn your computer off, turn off your phone, and let yourself be out in nature to recharge.

​One of the things that I've noticed over the years is we can trip ourselves up by saying if you don't have a whole day then you know, it's all or nothing. Well, even if you can do your five minutes here, a couple of minutes there, it's the conscious intention.

What are you focusing on?

When you allow yourself to be mind-full of your words, your thoughts, the energy that you're transmitting, are you broadcasting peace or are you broadcasting chaos?

The clear and blue bottle is called Peace in the New Aeon and its message is:

As I open to the peace within, I am open to the light. 

So it's about shining the light on nurturing, faith, and peace. And with all the distractions that are bombarding us, all the information that is bombarding us 24/7 it's just so important to unplug so that you can actually hear the wisdom of your heart, the wisdom of your soul through all that noise.

And here's one of the key things to realise...  ​for you to receive what it is that you are wanting to manifest...

your heart must be open.

Which is precisely what the underlying energy for 2019 is all about!

​Looking at the colors for #3, it's blue and green, and when blended it's turquoise. This is the heart bottle.

Its message is:

I express truthfully from the heart.

​It's all about​ giving yourself that space to connect with your heart. Not waiting until you have time...

​heart opening ritual

Give yourself a moment to put your hand on your heart. You can do that anytime and it's a great way to start your day. When you wake up in the morning, hand on your heart and set your intention that you are choosing peace today, 

I'm choosing harmony. I'm choosing ease, I'm choosing flow, I am choosing joy, I am choosing light, whatever the quality is that you would like to embody.
Take that time to connect so you set the intention for today. And then allowing yourself to let the wisdom from your heart be communicated, giving voice to the wisdom of your heart,

When the blue and the green blend, then it becomes turquoise. And that is all about giving voice to the wisdom of your heart and about mastery of bringing that message into the world in fun and playful ways.

So if you feel into that...

  • What is it that you would like to create in 2019?
  • What would you like to be celebrating at the end of this year?
  • What are some of the qualities that you would really like to embody, maybe experience in a deeper way, more fully?

Then this is your year to take time out to let yourself connect in with:

  • What has your heart been longing for?
  • What does your heart desire to experience in the world?
  • What is your soul wanting you to express?

Take the time to be with your heart, to connect with the nature of your soul, connecting with the nature of your heart. Going into nature is one of the best, and easiest, ways to unplug, but there are lots of ways.

So when you give yourself that gift of just unplugging and connecting with your heart, listening to:

  • What are you wanting to share?
  • What lights you up? 
  • What delights you?
  • What is the dream that you may have put on hold and maybe thought 'Oh, it's never going to happen?'  Well, what if it were? What if it could? What needs to shift there? 

When you've had an experience of having had your heart broken, experienced betrayal, been abandoned, and who hasn't? Then somewhere along the line you'll have put up walls.

Those walls need to come down.

Your heart needs to be open while you are held in the light of your soul. So that you can feel safe moving through life with an open heart.

Because if your heart has walls up, then you can put out the intention of what you want to manifest but if you are not open to receiving, you don't allow yourself to receive all that amazingness, then it's like being parked at the edges of your reality. Held in a holding pattern.
And it's been waiting for you to open the doors to let it in.

So one of the things that you may want to gift yourself with is to take a bit of time to journal into:

  • What is it that you would love to celebrate at the end of the year?
  • What is it that you would love to experience more of in your life?
  • What is the one thing that your heart has been yearning for?
  • And what would your life look like with that in your life?

In order to allow that into your life may call for changing the channel. You know...

  • How are you talking to yourself? 
  • What kind of words are you expressing?
  • How are you talking about your desires, about what you want to create in your life?

So often we have a tendency to put out a desire for something and then within seconds come up with all the 'yeah but, it won't happen because of this' or 'it won't happen because of that'.

Unconsciously, you may have a whole lot of reasons as to why you don't want it. And thereby preventing that from coming into your life.

So by taking time out, to let the light of consciousness illuminate what it is that you've been wanting to give voice to, you allow yourself to be open to inspiration and allowing your inspiration to guide you every step of the way.

And trusting that as you take time to connect with yourself and to allow yourself to tap into:

  • What is your heart yearning for?
  • What has your heart been whispering to you?
  • What are you wanting to create that would be so much fun for you? That would be so fulfilling for you?

And when you allow yourself to give voice to that, then allowing yourself to also receive the support that you require so that you can bring these beautiful heart's desires of yours into form and to speak to yourself in a loving way.

Giving voice to your divine expression can bring up fears of having been persecuted in the past. 

If you are in this world and you have amazing gifts, and you are very intuitive and you're very tuned in, and very creative and very soul centered...

And of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't be reading or watching this.

Then one of the things that needs to really be let go of is the grief.

That's what the clear in the upper fraction of that clear/blue bottle supports us with:

allowing the uncried tears or the grief that's been held within the emotional body and physical body, your energy field, that may have been carried forward for eons and many generations... to let that be released.

We're talking about the times that you chose to give voice to your divine nature and you were persecuted, you were misunderstood, you were outcast, and so thereby have this fear in place that if you do speak up, then there's going to be terrible consequences.

Well, how about letting that go? Allowing yourself to imagine for a moment that you can just let yourself be filled with the light of you soul. Whatever color comes to mind for you, letting that surround you. Not just fill you but surround you so you are held in this beautiful bubble of light of your soul, your light.

And the outer edges of that bubble are your boundaries, your shields, and giving those outer edges permission and instructions to only allow in those energies, those frequencies that resonate with your light and everything else is denied access.

Thereby it's like bouncing off any of the judgment or attacking energy. It just can't enter. Only allowing those energies that really cherish and appreciate your light. And that as you allow yourself to be held in that energy of your light and opening your heart so that you can tap into what is it your heart has being longing to experience in this life, in particular for this year...

  • Then allowing yourself to be guided, trusting your intuition, trusting the insights as they come to you.
  • And giving voice to what works for you. And what doesn't work for you.
  • And saying yes to what lights you up and no to what drains you.

So as you navigate your days, and you're held in this beautiful bubble of your light with your heart wide open, you can tap into what your heart has been longing to experience, give voice to that, and then playfully in joyful ways go about creating that in the world, sending that message out into the world.

And allowing life to start presenting you with the people and the opportunities and being in the right places at the right time that are a vibrational match to what you are sending out from your heart. And then recognizing it when it shows up so you can let that into your life experience.

That may call for releasing the disappointments that you have experienced and thereby set up this expectation pattern that you're going to be disappointed. Because as long as that's running, of course, you're going to keep setting up experiences to be disappointed, right?

So letting all of that go. And what if instead, this year, you're calling in the miracles, you're calling in the abundance of what lights you up?

And giving yourself permission to be guided to be in communities and tribes that really get you and that have your back and that support you and that see you.

You have these beautiful gifts that many in the world may think are woo woo, are crazy and you're different from everybody else.

Letting yourself get over that fear of being criticized and being judged and being rejected. And instead embracing the magnificence that you are.

What is different about you is what is awesome about you.

So embracing that, giving voice to that and then when you start doing that more and more, clearly expressing what matters to you, what lights you up, what your gifts are, why you do what you do...

those that you have divine appointments with to serve with your gifts and your brilliance will be able to see you, they'll be able to hear you and they'll be able to find you.

And that is the invitation for this year. Exciting, right?

As I said earlier, one of the things I play with every year is to come up with a word and a theme. ​Whatever you declare your word or theme to be, that's where your energy is focused and you'll be amazed by the end of the year when you realise how this has manifested.

It will also have brought up everything which was not allowing that!

So when you're declaring something into being, let's say that you're experiencing a bit of friction in an area of your life and you want something different. Maybe there's a relationship that is not really as harmonious as you'd like, or you're experiencing friction with your finances. Or maybe you're finding yourself in a career or even your business where it's just not really flowing.

​What that can do, it can set up the Inner Shitty Committee, you know with all these voices that will have you doubt yourself and shit on yourself and should on yourself and all of that.

And when you allow that to be transformed and you choose to instead let all that stuff come out and you acknowledge it, you recognize the fears, the doubts that are there, you acknowledge them, and then you send them off into the divine energy laundry, let them have a good soak and choose to breathe in peace instead, or whatever your word or theme is for the year.

So for example, for me for 2019, my word came through earlier in the year to be love. And the theme is divine union. And for me, that is all about letting everything I experience in life, everything I share, everything I express to be a reflection of the love, of the light that I am. And thereby bringing that experience of divine union into everything.

So it's source light and I collaborating as one and expressing that in every area of my life. Calling forth partnerships, a relationship that is really an expression of that love and divine union. So I can hardly wait to see what's going to show up!

Knowing that whatever it is that you're intending, you will tend to find that whatever is not that, or what has prevented that, will come up so that it can be cleared. Right?

So if your word for 2019 also happens to be love, then all the areas where you have not allowed love will come into awareness. They need to be cleared out, de-cluttered if you like, so as to make space for that which brings you in a space of really opening your heart.

​And if you missed the video I recorded about the heart opening activation from the experience I had just before the December 2018 solstice, I'll ​add it below so you can check that out. Because that is absolutely key to allowing yourself to experience everything that your soul and the universe has available for you that resonates. 

​If your heart is shut, if you've got walls up and you may be really good at giving, sending out stuff but you're not open to receiving... then it's going to burn you out.

And the old way of doing things is just no cutting it anymore. It's a whole new operating system, a new playing field.

So give yourself permission to take time to be quiet. Go into stillness. Be in nature, let yourself recharge so that you can actually start hearing what your heart has been expressing and from that space giving voice to that and allowing yourself to trust the whispers and the wisdom of your heart, giving voice to your divine expression.

And when you say bye bye to the doubt gremlins and you choose to trust and honor the light that you are, be willing to trust that the light that you are knows how to get you to where you wish to be, then this is going to be an amazing year.

So how are you feeling about these colors? How are you feeling about expressing your divine brilliance in the world?

Have an awesome day. Have an awesome year. And if you have a word or theme for the year, go ahead and share in the comments. Let me know what it is and let me know what comes up for you when you feel into these colors and feel into this message of giving voice to your divine expression.

Have an amazing day. Lots of love and many joy sprinkles.


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