money mindset makeover

A 90 Day private coaching program to upgrade your Abundance Frequency and increase your Prosperity Consciousness so you can create a joy-filled life, discover purpose behind your passion, and experience meaning behind the money you're making.

Money Mindset Makeover

With so much uncertainty in the world today it's not surprising that so many people are stressed out about money. If you're fed up and tired from carrying all that stress and all of that negativity around money, then now is the perfect time to give yourself a Money Mindset Makeover.

The way you think and feel about money has an interesting way of reflecting how you think and feel about yourself and life in general.

A lot of the stories passed down through the generations about money have perpetuated lack and limitation… and lots of judgements that activate an internal push/pull which has you wanting more money and at the same time, usually unconsciously, pushing away the very thing you say you want.  

Roller coaster ups and downs? That’s why.

The good news is that as those limiting judgments are released,
you open up the flow of abundance in every area of your life!

If you're ready to heal your money story so you can feel happy and confident knowing that you are able to make the money you want and create the success you desire with ease and joy...
not sacrificing your well being or having to sell your soul... then read on, my friend.

Introducing: The 90 day Money Mindset Makeover

The 90 Day Money Mindset Makeover is a 1:1 immersive experience designed to bust through your money blocks and  recalibrate your abundance frequency as you boost your money mojo once and for all.

It includes an Abundance Frequency Accelerator to upgrade your Money Mindset and increase your Prosperity Consciousness
with weekly private coaching, powerful energy clearings and practical action steps
to achieve your money and abundance goals with joy and ease.

They Say

"For me, the results have been pretty fantastic. I've made over $3,000 just in the last couple weeks, and it's been really phenomenal just getting to be in this place where I'm more relaxed and allowing money to flow in, giving my gifts, of course, serving people and working, but generating income without having all the stress and anxiety that normally comes along with it.

I've historically had this tense, kind of love/hate relationship with money. It's always been this tense, kind of high-pressured feeling when it comes to money.

Taking Tina's course really immersed me in this totally new mindset of being relaxed and allowing money to flow into my life.

Joseph Rea

Coach and Copywriter

During our 90 Day Journey Together, You'll:

Start with an in-depth assessment that’ll take you about 10-15 minutes to complete, followed by a 90 minute Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst 1:1 call with me, where you’ll get to meet your Inner Money Team and find out who’s been running the show with your finances.

During our 90 minute Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst time together, you'll Get To Know Your Natural Money Strengths and Challenges.

When you know what your natural money strengths and challenges are, you’ll know how to nip self sabotage in the bud and be confident to make empowered choices in your finances that’ll ripple out to every area of your life.

Transform The Inner Shitty Committee's Excuses

You’ll transform the Inner Shitty Committee’s excuses into rocket fuel for your dreams to come true. Bye bye to those niggly fears of not being good enough or doubting yourself... that had you play small or dim down your brilliance.
Time to own it!

Uncover Your Biggest Money Blocks and Open Up Your Flow of Abundance and Prosperity

We’ll uncover your biggest money blocks so these can be transformed and open up your flow of abundance and prosperity.

And I’ll help you get crystal clear on how to create money goals you can actually achieve in 2022... and heck, you might just surprise yourself and create even more... with ease and joy.

Once you’ve received your Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst, it’s time to implement your practical action steps and sustain your increased Abundance Frequency.  

That's why you and I will get together weekly in Zoom to ensure you stay on track with implementing your practical action steps to get you the results you desire PLUS you’ll receive energy clearings and activations to sustain and increase your Abundance Frequency.

During your weekly private 30 minute calls with me, we’ll:

  • Celebrate your successes.
  • Review your action steps and tweak when required.
  • As well as clear any hidden money blocks or energetic obstacles to your success.
  • Plus you’ll leave each call inspired, empowered and clear on what to implement during the following week.


You’ll also have email/ WhatsApp access to me in between your calls for when you’ve got a quick question or if you’re feeling stuck and just can’t, or don’t want to wait until your next call.

They Say

" With Tina's Money Mindset Makeover program I shifted the old paradigms of guilt, shame, and fear of what making money "means!"

I used to have deep hang ups around receiving money for my Love Linguist & relationship coaching ... my money mindset was hindering me from being able to create the kind of impact I wanted to make.

The learnings improved all areas of my life. Now I live in abundance (in every way) with a thriving practice serving my life purpose and helping others! "

Lisa Marie Young

Love Linguist and Relationship Coach

This is the perfect package for you if you know that transformation takes time to integrate.

You’ll be creating new empowering habits as your Money Mindset is optimised and as we upgrade your Prosperity Consciousness so you can thrive and prosper... with ease and joy.

You’d be amazed at how deeply ingrained some of those old limiting habits and money blocks have been... and the resistance that can rise up as we’re clearing out the old programming from your body, mind and energy field that required you to struggle, sacrifice and function from lack and scarcity...

No pain, no gain? If you’re done with that dysfunctional paradigm and are ready to choose growth and expansion through joy and ease instead... then you’ll absolutely love the time we’re about to share together!

We’ll create a customised action plan that works for YOU - no cookie cutter, same-for-everyone package here!

Add to that the weekly accountability of knowing you’ve got your call coming up with me and you’d said you were going to take the inspired action steps agreed to in our last call…

You bet you’ll get stuff done and you’ll amaze yourself along the way when what used to scare you or hold you back is simply no longer an issue.


I am certain that without your guidance I would not be living the dream I am now.

You showed me where my confidence was hiding and made some of the hardest, life changing decisions seem like a piece of cake.

Thank you for always believing in my dreams and reminding me what it really is that I want to manifest in my life.

Karla Rothmann , Artist

Ready for YOUR Money Mindset Makeover?

Book in for your complimentary 30 minute Discover Possibilities Chat to find out if the Money Mindset Makeover is right for you and choose which option is optimal for YOU.

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money mindset makeover

Includes 90 minute Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst with Tina

PLUS weekly 30 minute 1:1 calls

PLUS private 4 hour Abundance Accelerator virtual deep dive



or deposit of US$1999 and
2 monthly payments of US$1599

What Could Your Money Mindset Makeover Create?

Tristan overcame his fear of being visible by clearing his parents' limiting money story imprints!
You'd never guess he was ever uncomfortable in front of the camera when you see his video below.
Who knows what you'll unlock with your Money Mindset Makeover...

Money Mindset Makeover

If you’re ready to clear out your biggest money blocks and abundance limitations FAST and you’re willing to get the results you’ve been dreaming of or envisioning as possible some day… a whole lot sooner, then the Money Mindset Makeover is a match made in heaven for you.

In addition to all the awesomeness mentioned above, after the Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst, you and I will get together for a virtual 4 hour Abundance Accelerator deep dive intensive  that will not only increase how much abundance, prosperity and JOY you allow yourself to experience...  

I'll also help you clear the outdated programming and fears from your body, mind and energy field that required you to struggle and sacrifice your happiness in order to make the money you want.

Something magical happens in these deep dives as we'll clear through stuff that might otherwise take years to get to.  

I’ll help you release your core limiting beliefs, programs and energetic patterns that have been holding you back from allowing and receiving the increased abundance you’ve been asking for, including your money flow.

And we’ll increase your Abundance Frequency so you’re a vibrational match to your 90 day juicy money goals.

Bonus benefit is the increased joy and ease rippling into every other area of your life.

During our time together:

Crystal Clarity Goal Setting

I’ll guide you through my Essence Manifesting process to get crystal clear on your 90 day money goal and your 12 month general life goals.

Eliminate Hidden Money Blocks

We’ll eliminate any hidden money blocks as we harmonise your intentions with your body, mind, heart and soul so that all of you is working together to achieve your goals with ease... and of course joy.

This powerful process quickly gets to the heart of what truly matters to you, it illuminates where you’ve been unconsciously sabotaging yourself and transforms your unconscious limitations into fuel for growth and expansion.    

This transformational tool will serve you for the rest of your life and can be applied to any goals to ensure you create a joy-filled life. Joyful relationships? Joyful body? Joyful business? You name it, we’ve got you covered.

Plus it ensures you’ll never again have to experience the disappointment of having achieved a goal you’d set your sights on only to find yourself wondering what the fuss was all about as it’s simply not satisfying….so you chase the next shiny object. Instead, you’ll discover how to set goals that’ll finally truly fulfill you and support you to thrive, not just survive.

Bust Through Your Upper Receiving Limit 

We’ll identify your current Upper Limit to receiving money and reset your Abundance Frequency so you can allow in more money with ease and joy, instead of requiring struggle or sacrificing other areas of your life.

If you’ve ever achieved a goal at the expense of your relationship or your physical well-being, for example, then you know how much that sucks and zaps the joy out of your achievements…

Increase Your Abundance Frequency

With the regular Abundance Frequency tune-ups you’ll receive in your weekly private calls with me, you’ll find it gets easier to sustain your increased flow of abundance and expand when you’re ready for more.

You’ll leave this Money Mindset Intensive with a clear action plan for the next 90 days so that you’re on track to achieve your double desired ROI - Return on Investment and Return on Intention.  

Some of the topics covered - remember, this program is customised to YOUR needs so this may vary yet will very likely include these common themes:

Empowering your Voice

Ever avoided or cringed at the thought of having uncomfortable money conversations? Asking for a raise, asking for the sale, increasing and stating your fees, money conversations with your partner or family, speaking with your bank or dealing with tax department… discussing debt, negotiating loan...

You’ll reclaim your power and confidence to speak up without shrinking or diminishing yourself as you clearly express what you require. Plus you’ll discover how to communicate your boundaries in such a way that you are honoured and respected.

Clearing Your Money Karma and Releasing Ancestral Money Programming.

Loyalty to those who’ve gone before you, not wanting to outshine anyone, not be more successful than your parents or siblings or friends… these are some of the unconscious limitations that place a cap on how much you allow yourself to receive and have. Get ready to clear those from your system so you can shine and thrive.

Visibility Rockstar

Releasing fear of persecution so you can confidently let yourself be seen and heard.
This will boost your confidence unlike anything else... and will have a positive ripple effect in every area of your life.

BUT Busting

Bye bye to self sabotage. You’ll love the quick Excuse Eliminator to bust through any limitations your ever so clever Inner Shitty Committee might come up with in attempt to keep you safe based on the outdated rules…

This process will quickly bring clarity as to what’s ready to be released and what’s ready for expansion so you can get on with confidently taking your practical action steps for success. And have fun while you’re at it.

Abundance Frequency upgrades and activations.

Embodying Prosperity Consciousness - getting your body, mind, heart and soul on board with grounding your light so you are truly safe to thrive and prosper.

No point in making more money and feeling there’s still not enough, which is functioning from the old scarcity and lack programming… 

Strange as it may seem, or not… getting it in your mind that you’re safe to thrive is one thing. Where the real ‘work’ kicks in, where the spiritual rubber hits the practical road is in actually emBODYing this truth.

That requires clearing and releasing the limiting money programs stored in your cellular memory, and all the imprints, judgments, conclusions, distortions and misperceptions you’ve picked up along the way that were part of the ‘no pain, no gain’ operating system run on this planet for millennia - that required sacrifice and kept the illusion of separation in place.

This stuff runs deep as it’s held in your unconscious and subconscious database. Throughout our time together you’ll find that whatever’s ready to come into conscious awareness to be released, will do so gently and you’ll experience the magic of every area of your life suddenly feeling so much lighter and brighter.

In essence, we’ll be peeling back the layers that covered up your brilliance as you allow the real YOU to emerge and shine.

This is sourcing your security and safety from within and this is what creates unshakable confidence and unwavering faith that you’re always in the right place at the right time… and that you are capable of creating as the infinite BEing you are.  

Tapped in and tuned into the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities to create a life worth waking up for every day.

Now… how does it get any better than that?!

You’re about to find out!

limited spots available - claim yours now!

money mindset makeover

Includes 90 minute Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst with Tina

PLUS weekly 30 minute 1:1 calls

PLUS private 4 hour Abundance Accelerator virtual deep dive


or deposit of US$1999 and
2 monthly payments of US$1599

Ready for YOUR Money Mindset Makeover?

Book in for your complimentary 30 minute Discover Possibilities Chat to find out if the Money Mindset Makeover is right for you and choose which option is optimal for YOU to thrive.

They Say

Barbara Arnold-Herzer

CEO and Director of Training at WholeFrog Wellness

About Me.

Hi, my name is Tina van Leuven and I've been a practical alchemist on a path of spiritual awakening since I was 18. 

Trained in many different healing modalities and having traveled around the world, I deeply value freedom, joy and kindness.

When I left my airline career in 2008 to pursue my soul business fulltime, I felt confident that I had what it takes to succeed.

After all, I had plenty of experience, people told me I was really good at what I do, and I was super passionate about helping others with my gifts. I even had a website and taken a bunch of marketing courses.

Well... I was in for a rude awakening. 

I discovered why people say that running your own business is one of the best ways to fast-track your transformation as absolutely EVERY unconscious limiting belief will rise to the surface!

Try as I might, nothing I did was working and I hit rock bottom. Financially and emotionally... 

Then one day I discovered something that turned my world upside down.

I learned that deep down inside, we all have an Inner Shitty Committee.

Yes, that’s right. Your very own panel of self-proclaimed experts who do nothing but undermine your efforts. And who cause you to second-guess yourself every single day.

These trouble-making hooligans cause you to have thoughts like “Who am I to do that?”

or “Oh, that’ll never work!”

They make you doubt and question your ideas, slowing you down or stopping you altogether.

In short - your Inner Shitty Committee keeps you away from doing the things that set you free to live the life you know deep inside is yours to live.

Simply because it’s outside your comfort zone.

And sadly, most people let this unappointed panel of misfits run the show. They lose out on so many opportunities, simply because of the voices telling them they can’t do it.

But here’s the good news:

There IS a way out.

I discovered a way to overcome the power of the Inner Shitty Committee and tap into a field of abundance that is all around and within us.

Once I applied these concepts, I started making more money than I ever had before, all while doing what I love.

Yay, live happily ever after...

Well... not quite!

After a few years I crashed and burnt. Again.

What the hell, right?

So what happened?

I'd hit my unconscious Upper Limit. Not just in receiving money but also in how much ease and joy I was unconsciously allowing in my life.

As my business screeched to a halt, my confidence took a nose dive as I found myself going through a dark night of the soul that almost had me quit everything.

Fortunately I knew to reach out for support and allow myself to receive help with transforming my blind spots, clearing out even deeper layers of limitation that had been trapped and stored in my body and energy field... 
as we raised my Upper Limit and restored my confidence.

Tell you what... my trust and faith muscles got an intense workout!

Slowly but surely the tide started to turn.

And looking back - gotta love the power of hindsight... I can see how important it was for me to have gone through this experience myself as it has given me a deeply embodied knowing of what it takes to clear through some of those stubborn obstacles...

And to know, really know in every cell of my body and being, that I AM ENOUGH.

As are you.

Getting this at cognitive level is one thing.

It's getting the body, mind and heart all on the same page as your soul... that's another thing altogether.

I was already really good at helping my clients with this.

I just had to upgrade and recalibrate to the next level so I could fully receive this for myself as well!

You've probably noticed that it's an ongoing journey as we continue to expand and evolve...

I've supported clients from all over the world with bringing more joy into every area of their life so their increased abundance and prosperity is truly fulfilling and sustainable.

I believe in going beyond the surface-level tactics and strategies to get to the root of the issue. And in making small inner shifts that lead to the biggest results.

When you take back power over your (financial) destiny, you unlock the wealth and abundance that was destined for you all along.

So... What's Your Investment?

money mindset makeover

Includes 90 minute Money Mindset Makeover Catalyst with Tina

PLUS weekly 30 minute 1:1 calls

PLUS private 4 hour Abundance Accelerator virtual deep dive


or deposit of US$1999 and
2 monthly payments of US$1599

limited spots available...

claim yours now!

Ready for YOUR Money Mindset Makeover?

Book in for your complimentary 30 minute Discover Possibilities Chat to find out if the Money Mindset Makeover is right for you and choose which option is optimal for YOU.


There are so many other money mindset courses out there. What makes this different?

This isn't another 'course' that just covers the most common money blocks and only addresses the mental and possibly emotional aspects.

Though there are many fabulous money mindset group programs out there... and many of my clients have participated in them...

they've all told me there's nothing like receiving private coaching when it comes to getting to the core of YOUR money blocks.

You'll received weekly private coaching and energetic healing with me that gets to the root of your unconscious limitations to be cleared.

And you'll be crystal clear on how those blocks have impacted other key areas in your life and now you'll have the tools to make new empowering choices to thrive.

Plus we address mind, body, heart and soul for complete integration... so that your new state of BEing is actually embodied and deeply grounded.

You are unique so doesn't it make sense that you have your own unique combination of what's been blocking your money flow?  And hence requires a personalised approach to clear and optimise?

Is this only for entrepreneurs or those thinking of starting a business?

No, even though most of my clients do have their own business, it's not required. If you do have your own business (or are thinking of starting for yourself) then you'll find it so much easier to go to the next level and bust through any upper limits as your inner doubt gremlins start playing up... especially when you're doing what you love AND you'd like to be well paid for it.

As money has a way of bringing into awareness all the fears and judgements you've ever bought into, especially in regards to receiving... (ever heard that it's better to give than receive?... Or that it's greedy to want more when others have less?...)

you can imagine how transforming your relationship with money will optimise every relationship in your life...

And if you're not in business and have no desire to start for yourself, then the Money Mindset Makeover will support you being confident have empowering conversations about money and everything else. A game changer for everyone.

What kind of results can I expect?

Though I can't guarantee what results you'll get from your Money Mindset Makeover, I can guarantee that you'll experience a lot more joy and ease with money and manifesting in general... and that will positively impact every area of your life.

I've had clients who tripled their income. Others made more money in the Money Mindset Makeover than they'd made in an entire year. And yet others discovered new and much more fulfilling, and lucrative, career and business directions.

Many of my clients have gone from worrying about money and feeling totally stressed out to experiencing inner peace and confidence in their ability to create the abundance they desire.

They've learnt to set and honor healthy, empowering boundaries so they feel safe saying NO to what doesn't resonate and YES to what lights them up.
Bye, bye people pleasing! And hello vibrant soulful living.

And yet others have experienced unexpected money gifts and opportunities coming their way with total ease , which they would not have been open to receiving before as they were so used to the 'no pain, no gain' game.

Everyone is unique. You have your unique money story and your unique desires. I help you create results that matter to YOU.

One of the things I absolutely love about facilitating this transformational journey is seeing you discover what else is possible and available for you to truly thrive!

Ready to find out?

I've taken a lot of courses already... and haven't always received the results they promised. Why will this be any different?

If you've participated in courses and coaching that did not deliver the promised results, then it's normal to question if anything or anyone else can possibly work for you. 

Strange as it may seem, or not... these experiences can leave you unconsciously expecting things won't work for you and hence create an expectation to fail and be disappointed.

This disappointment loop is in fact one of the first things we'll be clearing so you're actually open and ready for success, knowing it's inevitable.

As long as you show up for your coaching calls and take the inspired action steps we create together, then you will experience massive breakthroughs and shifts.

Though nobody can do your work for you, I'm here to support you every step of the way to actually get you the results you truly desire.

That's why many clients over the years have come to me after having tried almost everything... and thank me for getting who they are and cheering them on as we celebrate their successes together.

If they did it, so can you!

Will the coaching calls be recorded?

Absolutely! You will receive the downloadable audio link as well as the video replay within 24 hours after each call, usually sooner. 

Plus you'll have access to our private online membership area where you can easily find all the weekly modules with replays and your practical action steps. And a few extra goodies sprinkled in!

I don't live in the same timezone as you. What times are available for the private calls?

I'm in Perth, Western Australia.
If you're in the USA then calls can be scheduled Monday - Thursday 7pm EST onwards. That's 4pm Pacific onwards.

If you're in the UK or mainland Europe, then your early mornings up until 11am.

As this is a 1:1 immersive experience, we have plenty of flexibility with scheduling and will find a time that works for us both.