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inside the super juicy abundant soulpreneur bundle you'll get access to:


Boomtown Marketing Client Social Media Planner

The Boomtown Marketing Client Social Media Planner is the same one we use for all of our clients. It will help you to clearly schedule out your social media content and help you to keep track of promotions and events. 


As a bonus, you will also get the Content Creator Worksheet to help you to identify new content ideas for your social posts that will help to grow your business.

$297 value


Five Keys to Becoming Unstoppable

As a mental health professional and a business coach, I know that the journey of entrepreneurship will help you grow personally and professionally...

but it will require you to be unstoppable.  

Join me in discovering the 5 Keys to Becoming Unstoppable on your path to abundance.

$197 value



Collaborate will show you how to create and sell digital products quickly and easily by tapping into a readily available network of thought leaders, experts, and influencers who are eager to help. 

Includes bonus kindle version plus workbook.

$29 value

$2000+ value
​all yours for just $97​
available until March 3rd, 2019


5 step guide to naturally turn conversations into clients

This guide will help you to get over any fears of being salesy so it's easy to talk about what you do in a way that'll deeply resonate with your potential clients.

​It includes a step-by-step DIY on how to increase the flow of your favourite types of customers through your Sales Pipeline and bring more money into your business with ease and grace.

$99 value


optimise your flow with  akashic records

Experience high level energetic healing sessions to optimise your flow with this collection of

Akashic Records clearings. 

During these sessions I work with the collective Akashic Records memories and corresponding triggers in your body to remove any obstacles to your freedom, happiness, health and success.

Anytime you wish to  experience more flow, simply listen to any of these powerful clearing sessions to quickly shift your energy. You can choose from over 20 topics.

$199 value


Empower your Manifesting Meditations

Experience more ease and flow as you build your business with these Empower your Manifesting Meditations.

These meditations will help you ease feelings of overwhelm, lack of self- confidence and confusion so that you can turn up in your life and as the radiant, loving, and Empowered Soul that you truly are, and make easy, intuitive and powerful decisions.

$29 value

​get access to $2000+
of premium business building resources
​all yours for just $97


your success is in your hands

Business as usual no longer works. Building a business based on a profit model is making many gifted entrepreneurs and lightworkers go bankrupt -  emotionally, spiritually and financially.

"Your Success is in Your Hands" shows you how to use the map to your success, placed right in your hands, based on Scientific Hand Analysis and create a soul purpose aligned vehicle for service.

Beyond strategies, business plans and the latest, hot list building or client attracting tool, there is a way to creating a lasting, fulfilling and impactful success in your life and business, based on your own soul purpose and your design.

$250 value


Insider’s Guide: How to Build the Perfect Signature Process

Why do so many talented coaches, consultants, healers and other service professionals struggle to land more clients?

What makes the difference between a full practice and a struggling one?

O​ne of the most effective ways to increase your flow of clients is to develop your own personal SIGNATURE PROCESS.

For your Signature Process to be effective, it must accomplish 3 main things. ​

This Insider's Guide ​will ​show you how to build the perfect Signature Process that will have clients begging for your services!

$97 value


​your va on-boarding flight plan

​​​'Your VA On-Boarding Flight Plan' is a must-have resource when you're looking to add a virtual professional to your team to support the growth of your business.

It reveals what ​you absolutely must know so your VA can hit your business running - taking off at maximum velocity.

​​In this training Janine Gregor -Virtual Dream Team Builder- shows you ​how to set yourself up for success with your own Dream Team.. ​

$197 value


the color of you

People see color before anything else.  In fact, color increases brand recognition by 80%.  Color is the method of conveying meaning and messaging in your business… without words.  

The Color Of You Program will help you discover and define the colors of your brand so you can clearly and confidently connect to your ideal audience.

$197 value

everything you need to bust through
your abundance blocks 
​all yours for just $97

Tina van Leuven - Joyful Soul Business Coach and Abundance Mindset Mentor

Your Host

Tina is a Joyful Soul Business Coach and Abundance Mindset Mentor for soulpreneurs who are ready to increase their abundance frequency and take their income to the next level by doing what they love and BEing the light they are.

She knows how to help you turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your business is a true expression of your divine essence.

​last chance to get all the above plus get lifetime access to the 5 day abundance reset challenge -
over $2000 value 
all for just $97

Here's a reminder of what we​ covered
during our 5 days together

Day One:

  • Discover the 3 word Money Miracle Mantra that will instantly align you with the joy and abundance you desire and deserve.
  • Learn at least one way you can turn your virtual professional into a Profit Centre and have them pay for themselves. 
  • Discover the 3 Key Elements of your personal brand so you can captivate your ideal clients.

Day Two:

  • Find out which of the 4 most common sabotaging money beliefs is zapping your money mojo and experience the freedom as you release its grip on you once and for all!
  • Learn how to create social media conversations that convert to customers.
  • Discover 3 Soul Centred Sales Secrets that will help you naturally and confidently turn conversations into clients!

Day Three:

  • Turn up your manifesting power with this simple, yet very effective method for instantly clearing your money crap and tapping into new flow of abundance.
  • Learn how to create the life you want with the Akashic Records.
  • Learn why and how to create a business that serves you while you are of service to your ideal, soul destined clients.

Day Four:

  • Reclaim your ticket to freedom so you never have to deal with feeling unworthy, guilty or "not enough" when it comes to money ever again!
  • Let’s create the True Confidence you need to be Unstoppable on your path to Abundance. 
  • Discover the 3 keys to creating a magical business so you can be an empowered change-maker in the world

Day Five:

  • How to recognise the inner shitty committee and stop them from boycotting your juicy money goals so you can actually receive the increased flow of abundance you’ve been seeking.
  • Discover the 3 secrets to creating an irresistible Signature Process that clearly communicates the value of your work and inspires your prospects to say YES.
  • The 3 secrets to generating 6-figures from your next launch.



lifetime access to abundance reset activations

Anytime you'd like to increase your capacity to receive more abundance, you simply listen to or watch the replays of the Abundance Reset Activations.

Every time you listen to these activations, you're increasing your abundance frequency which naturally aligns you with more abundance showing up in your life and business.

How's that for easy and super juicy?

Includes 5 video replays plus downloadable mp3 audios so you can watch or listen in your own time on any device to receive more abundance in your life.

​$97 value


juicy abundant soulpreneur interviews

Tap into the wisdom shared by our expert team of 10 Abundant Soulpreneurs that would have saved them years of frustration and thousands of dollars... and can help you boost the abundance in your business right away.

This is like having your own team of amazing wisdom guides on standby 24/7 to support you with your next launch, improving your copywriting, boosting your confidence and the many other hot topics covered to running a successful soulful business.

Includes 10 video replays PLUS downloadable mp3 audios.

​$97 value


the abundant soulpreneur guide 2018

Quickly access the juicy insights shared by our team of Abundant Soulpreneurs to take your business to the next level with much more ease and the right tools to support your expansion.


Want to focus on boosting your sales and social media strategy? 

Ready to grow your team and want to make sure you get the right members for your Dream Team?

Need a refresher to stay aligned with your soul and be nourished so you can share your gifts from an empowered state that supports your flow of abundance?

Flip through the Abundant Soulpreneur Resource Guide to quickly get the support you need.

Includes a gorgeous downloadable PDF Abundance Reset Playbook.

$39 value


abundance mindset optimiser

Join Tina on a live 90 minute call along with your fellow soulpreneurs to supercharge your juicy money goals and optimise your abundance frequency. 

​Join live on Monday, March 18th at 4pm pacific/7pm EST
​which is
​Tuesday, September 19th at 8am Perth / 10am Brisbane / 11am Sydney

You'll also receive the video replay plus downloadable mp3 audio so you can easily watch or listen again from any device whenever you'd like to increase your abundance frequency.

$197 value

Get $2000+ worth of premium resources

​all yours for just $97


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