​​lena barnes
​​​Founder of ​The ​Global Side Hustle Academy 

Watch th​is delicious conversation to discover...

  • ​The ​power of ​transforming limiting beliefs to a deep reconnection with joy 
  • ​How side hustles may just help raise the vibration of the planet
  • ​​​​Lena's favourite low-risk path to reconnect with your purpose and start a fulfilling business ​
  •  and lots more...

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​​​Lena is the founder of the Global Side Hustle Academy and its flagship online training program ‘Side Hustle with a Purpose’. This transformational program is for people who want to (re) connect with their purpose and create positive change for the planet.

Lena believes that we need to transform the way we think about how we ‘work’ and generate income in a way where there’s no real precedent. Its uncharted trailblazing territory. Having a Side Hustle isn’t a trend or fad; it’s here to stay.  

Lena’s always followed her own path and has taken many courageous steps along the way. Over her 30 year career and across 5 countries she’s worked in the corporate, private, public and not profit sectors. Now on her fourth Side Hustle turned full time gig she's committed to supporting others finally turn their idea into a Side Hustle and will be launching a project for 2020 that's going to change how we view the future of work.

Find out more at ​​www.lenabarnes.com​​​

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