jennifer zwiebel
chief visionary at a place of joy

Watch th​is delicious conversation to discover...

  • ​​How to craft your life from a place of joy
  • ​Super practical tips for ​creating quality time with your loved ones
  • ​The biggest obstacle to experiencing more joy (this is such a BIG one for many!)
  •  and lots more...

​Want to deepen your experience with some reflective journaling questions to embody joy?

Jennifer Zwiebel, founder and Chief Visionary of A Place of Joy, is a holistic business consultant.

She supports the evolution of her clients’ businesses and their most authentic, joyous selves.

Jennifer works with accomplished entrepreneurs to map out the tactical, practical steps that will get their fabulous ideas out of their heads and into the world where they belong.

She partners with them to develop programs, products, books, workshops, compelling ways to share their magic and other tangible, creative and fun expressions of their genius so they can make money and love what they do.

She guides her clients through her unique VisionMaker system, allowing them to process challenges quickly and uncover solutions so they can make conscious choices and take aligned action to bring their Visions to life. Jennifer is an author, coach and speaker. Find out more at ​​​​

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Instagram @jenniferzwiebel

Twitter @aplaceofjoy

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