​dr ​heather clark
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​​​​​​Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD, is a powerful and soulful energy guide, coach, healer, speaker, and author. She is committed to leading individuals back into connection with their essential selves so that they are unshakable, unstoppable, and vibrant again in their life, body, and business.

Dr. Clark was a National Merit Scholar, earned her doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Iowa in 1997, completed her post-doctoral residency at the Kansas City Veterans Administration Medical Center, was adjunct faculty at University of Missouri Kansas City, and has practiced in a variety of settings including community, consulting, and hospital clinical pharmacy.

After her own recovery from severe stress and burnout, she awakened to her purpose when she realized that the root cause of burnout isn't 'just' stress--it is the fundamental stress of being someone you aren't. She leads clients from around the world on their journey from stress to bliss.

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