​​denise m simpson
​the courageous heart coach

Watch th​is delicious conversation to discover...

  • ​​​​​3 Keys to Your Courageous Heart to Radiate Your Love into every area of your life and biz
  • ​​What to do at times things aren't going as you'd like to quickly open up your flow again ​
  • What your body has been wanting you to know and embrace  ​
  •  and lots more...

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​​​​​​​Denise M. Simpson is a coach, hypnotist, speaker, and author.  She's a renaissance woman of many skills, degrees, and certifications: an intuitive, a healer, but mostly an entrepreneur devoted to helping folks transform so they live an AWESOME life...going beyond hum drum routines, beyond soul-sucking corporate jobs, and beyond muddling through daily To Do lists wondering what their purpose is.

Denise help entrepreneurs stop stress, overwhelm, and struggle by connecting with their Courageous Heart to build confidence, take bold actions, and embody charisma to create awesome results.  Her clients worldwide enjoy vibrant health, flowing income, and live joyfully in love.

Denise's inner child loves playing, gardening, sewing quilts for donation, writing, and taking photographs.  She is loves teaching A Muse Your Self Writing in Derry, NH. Every day Denise strives to live her soul's mission of teaching people how to Tap and reach enlightenment using Evolutionary Mystic Meditation.

Find out more at ​https://denisemsimpson.com​​​

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