Imagine yourself a year from now… 

You’re looking in the mirror and you’re smiling…
It's like every cell in your body is radiating happiness, and it's reflected on your face as light glinting in your eyes, a rosiness in your cheeks.

After all you've accomplished over the last twelve months, you can't help but feel joyful, inspired, and steadfastly optimistic about what you will achieve in the year ahead...

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Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

You're finally thriving and you realize:

 Wow, what an amazing year it's been.

You’re radiant and your heart is overflowing with gratitude as you reflect on the abundance of blessings and miracles you’ve received and celebrated throughout the year.

  • Everything that was simply okay a year ago is now filling you with joy.
  • Everything that sucked has either been set free or changed for the better.
  • And everything that was already great? Well, that’s just upgraded to a whole new level of awesomeness!

You’re celebrating your courage to take risks, to align your life with the love, happiness, peace, and abundance you always knew you deserved yet had somehow not allowed yourself to have.

And you still get butterflies when you look back on the moment that you stepped into your power and declared...

Enough is enough! I’m done with settling for less than I deserve! I’m done with justifying why I can’t seem to manifest the love I desire AND the money I want to make AND be authentically ME. I'm making a change NOW.

And whether you realized it then or not, it was the most important change you could have made in 2023. You...

Set Your Past Free and Unleashed Your Brilliance.

Yes! Setting your past free by clearing limiting beliefs and programming is the key to a brilliant, abundant future! But you're not in that amazing future you just envisioned—yet. You're still in 2022 and...

  • You've got people counting on you, loved ones you want to bring into a new and glorious future, a future built from new attitudes and programs rather than the old energy of the past and regret. 
  • You have dreams, dreams that you want to achieve, and in those moments when doubt isn't whispering in your ear, they're dreams you KNOW you can achieve. 
  • Your spirit aches to be free, free from survival mode. Free to build a thriving life where you truly live instead of exist. 
  • Your soul wants to create, to leave a legacy...a thriving business, beautiful art, a safe place for those you love...the possibilities are limitless.

You don’t want to waste another day playing small when you know you’ve got a LOT to give.

How good will it feel if at the end of a well-lived, abundant life, to say that you loved and lived with all you had and are. No regrets. Knowing you made the world a better place because you were in it and you fulfilled your soul’s mission to BE YOU and thereby inspired others to live their most authentic life.

So my friend… 

Will 2023 be the year that you bring your A-game to every area of your life and allow yourself to thrive? If so...

What will that look like for you?

What will you see when you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of 2023?

Now, I have to ask you an important question...and if that dream is to become a reality, you have to be honest with yourself.

Will the actions you're taking right now produce the outcome you dream of seeing in the mirror?

Smiling woman looking in a magic mirror

If you’re like most of us, then there’s a bit of a gap between what you’re experiencing right now versus what you’re imagining and would like to experience instead.

Perhaps you’ve been rocking it in the love department but when it comes to money… let’s not even go there!

Maybe it’s the other way around for you.

Money? Easy.

Love? Argh! ‘Love is a Battlefield’ seems to be your theme song.

And perhaps you’ve got money and love sorted but when it comes to your health, that’s another story altogether.

Wherever you’re at, let’s just take a deep breath together… and as you exhale, imagine letting all your stress melt away…

And as you breathe in again, feel every cell in your body fill with radiant golden light, deeply nourishing and nurturing you, and filling you to overflowing with divine compassion and kindness for yourself and others. 

If you felt even the tiniest shift in just a few breaths together, imagine what we could accomplish with deliberate, focused, magnificent action.

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Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

Simply being alive during the greatest shift in consciousness that humanity has seen is an accomplishment, but...

 what would happen if you could harness that shift to manifest the reality YOU want?

Being the architect of your own future can be empowering, exhilarating, and...well, daunting.

Let’s be honest… stepping into unknown territory can feel scary.

There are no guarantees that: 

  • if you let go of the disappointments of your past that the future is going to be brighter…
  • if you forgive those who hurt you, including yourself, that you’ll never be hurt again…
  • if you let go of worrying, that you’ll never find anything to worry about again (what a concept, right?)

It can all feel pretty overwhelming. 

Abraham-Hicks speaks of overwhelm as you (the personality) not keeping up with YOU (the infinite BEing of light you are).

But when you think about what they're really saying...that YOU (the infinite being) already knows and has everything you need to accomplish your dreams and create your reality...THAT is exciting!  

We just have to get those pesky, past programs out of the way to align you with YOU.

So give yourself some slack as you’re navigating these truly unprecedented times of change, accompanied by lots of uncertainty.

We’re all in this together.

You and I both have our own unique place in the Divine Plan.

And if there’s an area of your life that’s not quite as you’d like or had hoped it would be by now, then that’s perfectly okay, because that's the past. And when you set the past free, it opens up infinite, brilliant possibilities for the future. 

But it takes reflection and action to unleash that brilliance. So ask yourself...

Where have you been settling for less
than you deserve or desire?

You and I are about to identify and change that!

This is exactly why you’re invited to join us for a potent 2-hour online Divine Alchemy Healing Retreat:

Set Your Past Free and Unleash Your Brilliance in 2023

This power-packed, block-busting, healing retreat accelerates the process of releasing the past with carefully chosen, exclusive techniques that are the result of over 35 years of expertise in the spiritual growth and energetic healing industry.

 Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2 hour group healing session replay.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

The Power of We

Sure, there is a lot that you can do by yourself but we often forget how much more support is available for us when we allow ourselves to receive from the Divine working through others.

The time of being the “Lone Wolf” is over.

We’re all being energetically prepared to shift from ME to WE. And the UPtivations you’ll receive during our time together are designed to support you by bringing more ease to letting go of old habits that required suffering in silence or joining “woe is me” groups. Instead, we’ll co-create a safe and powerful space that works to synergistically give us all an UPlift into the Quantum Field where anything is possible. 

These energy transmissions and the sacred container created at this retreat will help you get your past out of the way, so you can get really clear on identifying what resonates with you—not what you or others think should, but what is truly aligned with your soul’s mission.

What's Included:


The moment you sign up, you’ll start receiving healing energy and high vibe transmissions unique to this event and individually optimised for YOU.

We like to call these UPtivations - energetic upgrades and activations rolled into one. 

In other words, by saying YES, you’re stepping inside a sacred energetic container where the magic of clearing out what’s been holding you back happens, while at the same time, prepping your body and energy field for receiving and sustaining the new, high vibe abundance frequencies available for you. 

You have to experience these for yourself to really get what it feels like to have anxiety and stress melt away, as if by magic, and feeling more peace, happiness, ease, and freedom. 

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you’ll start receiving these energy boosters
and experience their healing benefits.

Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook

You’ll also be given instant access to our online portal where you’ll find the fabulous downloadable ‘Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook: Your Brilliance-Activating & Mojo-Manifesting Guide’, which is infused with high vibe energy transmissions customised for your needs.

And FYI, these energy transmissions update in real time, so this is like having your personal energy mentor on standby throughout the year.

Replay with UPtivations

Inside the online portal  you’ll also find the video replay of our LIVE healing retreat. And, a downloadable audio-only version of the replay as an MP3 file.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

During our online Healing Retreat together:

We will meet for a 2-hour Divine Alchemy online healing retreat. The video replay, plus downloadable audio mp3, plus transcript are ready for you in your online portal. And the energy transmissions transcend space and time so the replay is as powerful as the LIVE event!

You’ll be guided through the powerful Essence Manifesting Process© developed by Tina van Leuven, a powerful tool to help you get to the essence of what you truly want to create and manifest in your life so that it’s aligned with your heart, soul, and mind. Plus it’ll provide you with crystal clarity on the next right action steps to take to ensure you’re creating what’s sustainable and deeply fulfilling.

You’ll uncover your word and theme for 2023, which is going to supercharge your intentions for 2023 and act as a reminder throughout the year to inspire you and keep you on track.

You’ll receive Crystalline Soul Healing®. Crystalline Soul Healing® works deeply with the soul. It is an alchemical healing Template, developed by Jamye Price, that reprograms the instructions and interactions of the DNA through your Higher Self. It is based in an ancient Lyran methodology, which is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered transformation. This profound modality heals patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication of Life.  Bethany Mitchell is a certified Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner.

Description of UPtivations, The Essence Manifesting Process, and Crystalline Soul Healing

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

To recap, here’s all that you’ll receive:

  • 2-Hour Divine Alchemy Online Healing Retreat: You’ll be guided through the powerful Essence Manifesting Process©, uncover your word and theme for 2023, and experience a live energy clearing, releasing, and UPtivation (energy upgrade and activation rolled into one). So that you get to benefit from the amplified group healing energy. And you can ask questions inside our private Facebook group, and receive the support you need on the spot to jump start filling out the workbook to set you up for success in 2023.

    The power of having that group experience is to get stuff done as we clear through the blocks and support you with gaining clarity. How many of us have downloaded or purchased a planner that you never bother to fill in past January 15th? We’ll start the process together and give you the tools you need to finish. Bringing the magic to life practical application happens as you complete your Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook. - $197 value
  • Online Portal Access: When you register, you’re given instant access to our Uplifters Nation online portal where you’ll find the pre-class resources and a few bonus gifts. So that you can immediately start to benefit from the energy activations, have easy access with everything in one place, and revisit as often as you’d like throughout 2023 and beyond. 
  • Replay with Energy Transmissions: Inside the portal you’ll find the replay so that you'll be able to return to continue to release what’s been blocking you and activate the support you need to continue to Unleash Your Brilliance. The replay also provides you with ongoing support from the energy transmissions that update in real time so anytime you return to it, you’ll receive the next level clearings and UPtivations - upgrades and activations rolled into one. :) - Priceless ; A private energy activation with both Tina and Bethany is $555
  • Crystal Grid Prescription Card: A Crystal Grid custom designed for this workshop, activated and encoded with Crystalline Soul Healing® frequencies. Harness the high vibrations of sacred geometry, crystals...and the unified energy field created when they are combined. This grid is all about empowerment, self-confidence, self-expression, mental clarity, and more! The photo of the grid is a tangible alchemy tool to print out or use as a screensaver to amplify the energy behind your intentions and your word/theme for 2023. Or use the included step-by-step guide and prescription list to create your own crystal grid in your space with your own crystals. - $97 value
  • Transcript of the Session: The transcript of our live session will be transformed into a beautiful downloadable workbook, encoded with Crystalline Soul Healing® and the words are encoded with light. So that you can quickly reference later what you learned during the live session. Some of us prefer to read, some prefer audio, some prefer video, we’re making sure all bases are covered here! - $47 value
  • Downloadable UPtivation Playbook: You’ll also receive a downloadable 50+ page “Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook: Your Brilliance-Activating, Mojo-Manifesting Guide” to walk you through the process and help you track your progress. The energy-encoded pages and practical exercises will support you with deep integration as you embody the upgrades throughout the year. - $97 value
  • Step-by-Step Process: The Essence Manifesting Process© will help you get crystal clear on what you truly want and to create clear, aligned, and practical action steps for 2023. Yep, there will be action required… and that’ll stretch you outside your comfort zone of familiarity… and that’s why you have our support during the live call and in the private Facebook group with the energy transmissions in the background. - $97 value
  • Private Community Access: Plus, you’ll be invited to join us inside a private Facebook group to share your journey with others and practice your intention-setting, releasing, and celebration skills. The group will remain open and active the ENTIRE year! - priceless.

    That's well over $1000 value if you were able to buy the above separately. 
    Yet you can receive it all for only US$197.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

Meet Your UPtivation Playbook,
designed to help you Unleash Your Brilliance,
one intention and celebration at a time!

Life is supposed to be fun!

At Uplifters Nation, we believe that work can be fun, especially when you are deliberately co-creating with the Universe and moving forward with inspired action.

So we co-created the downloadable 50+ page Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook, included for FREE when you register for the event.

Rest assured that this is not your everyday journal or workbook or PDF… this is your 12-month Brilliance-Activating, Mojo-Manifesting Guide! 

We call this a “playbook” for a reason: it’s time to be playful and enJOY the process of letting go of your past and stepping into your power as you dance with the Universe to fulfill your soul’s mission in this lifetime.

As you play through the pages of this energy-encoded Playbook, you’ll activate an upward spiral of energy that carries you bit by bit into more feelings of joy, curiosity, playfulness, and optimism.

And, you will have the practical tools you need to dissolve the limiting beliefs, ancestral baggage, and collective conditioning that's been holding you back... and to align your energy to the brilliant dreams that are pulling you forward. The brilliant dreams that you were born to dream!

You no longer have to be afraid to dream… you can begin to accept that those brilliant dreams of yours will start to come to fruition through this experience and over the next 12 months.

Pages from Playbook

Plus, the energetic transmissions encoded in this Playbook continue to upgrade and activate in alignment with your higher Self, so this is like having your personal energy support team on standby the ENTIRE year!

  1. 1
    50+ pages filled with light energy and encoded with Crystalline Soul Healing®.
  2. 2
    Pages to reflect on 2022 and dream for 2023 so you'll know exactly where you are now and what you need in order to Unleash your Brilliance in all areas of your life.
  3. 3
    The Essence Manifesting Process© Step-by-Step to set your main intentions so that you’re clear on what you really want for 2023.
  4. 4
    Quarterly and Monthly pages to clarify your actions and celebrate your wins throughout the year.
  5. 5
    …and much more!

Illuminate Your Intention

We invite you to read through and complete the pages in the “Prepare for the Session” section of the Playbook before watching the online healing retreat.

You’ll be well prepared to benefit from the clearings and UPtivations we’ll do together. 

Release Your Radiance

During the session, you’ll work through the “During the Session” section along with us. We’ll take you step-by-step through the entire process. And then set you up to unleash your brilliance in 2023 with a transformative Clearing and UPtivation journey.

Grow Your Glow

After the session, the fun continues as you work through the quarterly and monthly pages throughout the year, clarifying your hows, releasing your obstacles, and celebrating your wins!

Woman holding a pencil with a page of the UPtivation Playbook

So, first things first..

Make this playbook your own!

Take notes, doodle, track your spiritual journey, record your intuitive messages, brainstorm ideas for future intentions…it’s your year and your UPtivation Playbook, make the most of it!

And if at any time during the year it all feels too challenging or overwhelming, pull out this Playbook to remind yourself of how far you’ve come, all that you have to celebrate, and all that you’re intending to co-create with the Universe in the future.

Each month brings you a new opportunity to try again, modify your intentions, dream bigger, celebrate more, and shine your light on more of the world around you.

And if you ever need additional support and accountability you have options!

We are ready to watch your brilliance grow beyond the retreat in our monthly Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Monthly Uptivation sessions.

There you'll receive nurturing support, inspiring group energy, and powerful LIVE clearings and Uptivations all year long. We will answer questions and share examples from our Playbooks during the live 90-minute online calls to make sure you're getting the most out of this important spiritual work. And, of course, we'll do powerful group Clearings and UPtivations.

You can access these sessions on a month-to month-basis or invest in a 3-month bundle. No matter what you choose, each month you can count on live access to two dynamic healers, one amazing group, and a plethora of powerful energetic tools.

You Are the Architect of Your Future...and This Is Your Blueprint to Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet!

You will leave this online healing retreat with:

A personalized, inspired Action Plan for 2023. 

  • You’ll know how to set intentions that are aligned with what matters to you.
  • You’ll know how to release obstacles as they arise throughout the year. 
  • You’ll know how to celebrate in a whole new way.

In addition to all of this awesomeness, you’ll continue to receive the energy transmissions encoded in the replay, Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook, and Crystal Grid Prescription Card.

You’ll leave feeling inspired, empowered, and confident that you are ready to ROCK IT in 2023!

Imagine yourself in December 2023, leafing through your completed Unleash Your Brilliance 2023 Playbook. You can easily see all of your progress…

  • Every time you had the courage to take a risk.
  • Every time you didn’t settle for less than you deserved.
  • Every time you found yourself with an “either/or” invitation and you remembered that it could be “and/and”.
  • Every time you chose to be your authentic self.
  • Every time you allowed the abundance of blessings and miracles to expand your heart. 
  • Every time you stepped out of your comfort zone and trusted your light to guide you through uncertainty.
  • Every time you released any challenges or obstacles.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

Your Guides Tina van Leuven and Bethany Mitchell

Meet Your Guides


Tina is a Practical Joy Alchemist helping uplifters live a purpose-fuelled, prosperous, and JOY-filled life.  Tina walks her talk when it comes to joyful living. She lives in trust with the universe, knowing that she’s in the right place at the right time, although she’ll be the first to say her ego doesn’t always agree! 

Her practical and light heartened approach means she’ll help you unpack your hidden blocks to joy and abundance, bringing life altering a-ha moments. She’ll show you how to turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your life and business are a true expression of your abundant divine essence.

She brings 30+ years experience of powerful energy healing from around the world to her practical out-of-the-box coaching style.


Crystalline Soul Healing®, Crystal Healing, Channeling (Angels, Galactic Beings, and others), Quantum Human Design™, Gene Keys, Astrology, Energy Clearing, Energy Healing, EFT (tapping), and more

As an Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer, Bethany empowers you to strengthen your connection to Source by using your past dreams and lessons to seed your future.

She helps you find your direction and clearly see your potential and possibilities. In the process, you learn the tools to let go of your past limiting stories and write new ones that reconnect you with your life purpose and soul’s mission in this lifetime.

Bethany listens deeply to your experiences, holding space, and knowing that change and growth is possible.

Her own soul’s mission to dance between the spiritual and practical worlds has led her to learn and experiment with a variety of spiritual tools...indeed her overflowing Alchemist Workshop allows her to choose the exact right combination of tools that will work for you! She blends multiple healing modalities, her life experience, and channeled wisdom to guide you to the next level in your journey.

Tina and Bethany met in a Quantum Human Design™ mastermind early 2022 and the moment they connected, they knew they had a divine appointment to collaborate.

Besides both being Alchemists with a passion for rewriting the story of what’s possible for humanity, they also share a deep love for transformation, healing, and activating potential. 

Within themselves and others.

Their combined mastery of many skills provides you with access to an abundance of practical tools in their overflowing Alchemist Workshop.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

You Are Supported by the Angels and Celestials

When Bethany and Tina were talking about this Divine Alchemy event, they were curious what the angelic and celestial support team might like to share with us all.

This is the channeled message Bethany received from the planet Venus and Archangel Metatron:

Venus here, along with Archangel Metatron. 

This is a unique time in all of human history and you are all poised on the leading edge of creation and advancement and expansion. Those of you engaged in this awakening and clearing and activating are indeed working on behalf of your soul, your ancestral lineage, and humanity as a whole.

Every step you take forward, everything you release, everything you activate, it is all done for the greater good of the All That Is and humanity as a whole. 

Rest assured that all of your actions, thoughts, beliefs, and creations impact the collective and we applaud you for focusing your attention and your efforts on moving forward and allowing for expansion and growth. There is indeed much to be released from the collective energy at this time.

By focusing on what needs to be released and cleared from your own energetic system, from your own ancestral lineage,  you will indeed benefit the whole of humanity. 

Worry less about the whole and focus on that which directly benefits you and those you love. That is your most powerful action at this time and the repercussions and benefits will be exponentially powerful for yourself and the whole. 

Release everything that no longer serves you. Release anything that no longer brings you joy. Make room for what is coming to you. Release from all areas of your life. 

Excerpt from the channeled message

The energies are here to support you. The angels and celestials are aligned at this time to best support this process and you will be guided, if you so choose, to that which most needs to be cleared. And, as you clear a layer, indeed a new layer of "gunk" will be revealed. Clear that layer as well. 

While this is a powerful time of year to clear and release, we invite you to clear every day. 

Clear in every moment. Ask us directly for help. Call on us by name, or call on the Divine or the fairies or the mermaids or whichever beings you most resonate with at this time. 

We cannot help you unless you ask us, so ask often and ask clearly. You will be delighted by the co-creative dance that will ensue when you connect with us and allow us to work with you to create that which you most desire. For that which you most desire is indeed that which is in the best interest of all of humanity. 

You are doing powerful work for yourself and all of us at this time. This is your opportunity to further your soul's mission in this lifetime. For it is indeed an important mission you are undertaking. 

You and your soul are collaborating to grow and expand. You are activating much more than what you can see in your external reality. You are allowing your soul to progress on its journey and fulfill the mission it chose to undertake in this lifetime. 

Take advantage of the resources and teachers you are guided to by us and all those non-physical beings who love you and want the best for you. Dig down deep into your memory, your past, your joyful moments to feel into what you most desire in your external reality. 

Is it more love, more peace, more joy, more fun, more money, more wonder, more freedom, more dancing, more laughter, more expansion, more movement, more vitality, more self-confidence? 

Nothing is off limits, nothing is beyond your reach. 

Ask us and allow us to co-create with you. It is indeed our pleasure to guide you, assist you, and watch you step into your power and your expansion. We are always available, always ready, always eager, always applauding your progress, always loving you. You are indeed our "boots on the ground," creating humanity's future one decision, one belief, one action at a time. It is powerful work and you are powerful beings. Trust us, trust yourself, trust the Divine.

The Planet Venus and Archangel Metatron
Channeled 21 November 2022 by Bethany J. Mitchell

You may be thinking...

Q. Will this help me with

Yes! We all carry emotional baggage with us that is best set free so as to thrive in love, money, and health.
And when you partner with your Higher Self and allow yourself to receive the blessings of the Divine through others,
as you will in our Divine Alchemy Online Healing Retreat and with the ongoing high frequency energy transmissions...

then you'll not only find the blocks to your love, money, health (or any other area in life) being cleared, you'll also find your body and energy field being prepped for receiving and sustaining the new, high vibe abundance frequencies available for you.  

At Uplifters Nation we believe that our workshops are a co-creative process. As long as you show up live or catch the replay, actively participate, ask your questions, and follow through with inspired action, then success is inevitable. 

Q. This sounds amazing but... is the replay as good as a LIVE session?

Yes! Energy transmissions and UPtivations act beyond the boundaries of time or space... so they are just as powerful in a replay as they are in a live session.

If it's resonating, you will receive all the energy transmissions, upgrades and activations through signing up ( all of that kicks in the moment you join and gets your higher Self to start prioritising what needs clearing and what's ready to be activated and upgraded... and I can say from personal experience over the last few months that it is potent!).

It's like having your entire energy field, all the records and databases, your body and life receiving a divine clearing and simultaneously expanding into more of what is aligned and resonant with YOU and everything that supports you to thrive, with a whole lot more ease.

You'll be able to access ALL the goodies including INSTANT ACCESS to the video and audio of the online healing retreat when you're ready to dive in.

Q. Is it really possible to talk to and hear from angels? Or other celestial beings?

Absolutely! And this is not reserved for a select few. Seriously, we all have the ability. Yet some of us have had more practice fine-tuning our intuition, and getting out of the way with our logical minds to trust the communication with our Family of Light is real.

This telepathic communication style doesn't require a phone or computer to send messages.

And you've very likely experienced it yourself, perhaps without realising it, when you thought of someone and next thing you know, you get a text message or call from them...

Q. What is Crystalline Soul Healing®?

Crystalline Soul Healing® works deeply with the soul. It is an alchemical healing Template, developed by Jamye Price, that reprograms the instructions and interactions of the DNA through your Higher Self. It is based in an ancient Lyran methodology, which is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered transformation. This profound modality heals patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication of Life. 

Crystalline Soul Healing® can help to:

  • Release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks
  • Heal negative energies and traumas
  • Clear limiting belief patterns
  • Assimilate soul fragments and separation
  • Activate crystalline DNA and the pineal gland
  • Initiate the inherent wisdom of the human biomechanism
  • Transform your interaction with time and accelerate your Ascension
  • Integrate your Higher Self and human self into greater divine flow

Crystalline Soul Healing® refines the structure of your energy field into a stronger, clearer flow of information—your diamond crystalline field. This supports you into true healing and empowerment as you begin to navigate your life with more of your innate wisdom and Love. Bethany Mitchell is a certified Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner. 

Q. What is the Essence Manifesting Process©?

The Essence Manifesting Process©, developed by Tina van Leuven, is a powerful tool to help you get to the essence of what you truly want to create and manifest in your life so that it’s aligned with your heart, soul, and mind. Plus it’ll provide you with crystal clarity on the next right action steps to take to ensure you’re creating what’s sustainable and deeply fulfilling.

Sign Up Today For Only US$197 

Includes INSTANT ACCESS to a 2-hour group healing session replay plus ongoing energy clearings and activations throughout 2023 and more!

From Our Hearts to Yours

Our future selves are already celebrating your successes, breakthroughs, and transformations with you as you said "YES" to set your past free and unleash your brilliance in 2023.

Yay, YOU! 

We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you.

From our hearts to yours, thank you and see you on the inside!