Join us for the next Divine Alchemy Online Retreat on Tuesday, September 7th.

How to honor your soul and trust your inner wisdom

Let's stop running on empty and put an end to living in overwhelm!

If right now...

you're longing for more ease and flow in your life but...

  • you're tired yet wired, and feel like you're running on empty...
  • you're easily distracted and feel overwhelmed...
  • you keep putting yourself last (and you're over it) but find yourself saying YES to people and things even though you've already got so much on your plate...

And even though I bet you can do it all... truth be told, you're kind of over pushing yourself like this...


Feeling safe to say NO to what or who drains you... and saying YES to what lights you up and sustains you...

Being crystal clear on what a full body YES and NO feels like... and taking action accordingly, even when it's scary...

Trusting your heart and allowing your life to unfold in alignment with your soul...

Living in Alignment with your Soul 
requires Empowered Boundaries.

And making YOU priority #1

When your boundaries are compromised (saying yes when you want to say no... or saying no when you want to say yes...) or you have energy leaks (cleverly disguised as distractions...) then overwhelm kicks in
as your personality isn't keeping up with the infinite divine BEing you are...

So your soul will keep nudging you to make some changes and may have just guided you here...

Are you ready to fill your own cup so you can continue to
give and contribute to others from a state of

Join us for our next Divine Alchemy Online Retreat.  

During our 2 hours together in sacred healing space you will:

  • get to experience what empowered boundaries FEEL like and how to ensure your YES and NO are honoured in everyday life so you can live in alignment with your soul.

  • discover the root cause of what's been creating stress in your body and struggle in your life... (once this is cleared you'll find the ease and flow you've been asking for ripple into every area of your life, as if by magic.)

  • feel the sweet relief as your body and mind effortlessly let go of outdated and limiting programs, as well as genetic and ancestral patterns that have been taking up bandwidth and brain power... (bye, bye overwhelm.)

  •  experience what if feels like to get a full body YES and a crystal clear NO to whatever question you have for your soul. This is a super practical and potent tool that will support you with trusting your intuition and fine-tuning your BS detector... (and we all know how helpful that is, especially in these times!)

And a whole lot more depending on what you bring to the table - or the Zoom room in this case.

Align Your Vision 2018 Program

There's immense magic in these Divine Alchemy retreats as everyone contributes and the group themes emerge during our time together. You'll receive the healing and upgrades that are optimal for your evolution,
regardless of whether you join us live or via the replay.


  • 7-9am EST
  • noon-2pm UK
  • 13:00 - 15:00 Paris
  • 7-9pm Perth
  • 9 - 11pm Sydney

Upon completion of your order, please check your inbox for an email from with your access details for our Divine Alchemy Online Retreat.

  • You'll receive a reminder email with the link to our private Zoom room one day before our event as well as one hour prior to our start.
  • You'll receive a video replay and downloadable audio mp3 within 24 hours of our retreat.

We can hardly wait to see you and share this empowering and healing experience with you.

your sacred healing journey guides

Simone Miller is a dedicated health professional with over 20 years experience in supporting people to improve their physical movement, energy levels and general wellbeing. Her focus is on addressing the soul’s unique expression in the world. Simone draws upon experience in nursing, workplace health and safety coaching and traditional healing practices. She is accredited at the highest level as a registered kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association.
Simone teaches you to connect with your inner resources to grow and flourish so you can function effectively and joyfully in the world.

Tina van Leuven is a Practical Joy Alchemist helping entrepreneurs live a purpose fuelled, judgment-free and joy filled life. Tina walks her talk when it comes to joyful living. She lives in trust with the universe, knowing that she’s in the right place at the right time, although she’ll be the first to say her ego doesn’t always agree! Her practical and light hearted approach means she’ll help you unpack your hidden blocks to joy and abundance, bringing life altering a-ha moments. 
She’ll show you how to turn off your Inner Shitty Committee, upgrade your money mindset, and align with your soul path so your life and business are a true expression of your abundant divine essence.

Participants LOVED the previous Divine Alchemy Online retreats!

I wanted to say thank you for the immense release that I had today. I learned that along every step of the way to just check in with Source when I'm feeling overwhelmed, when I'm feeling sadness, when I'm feeling abandoned, when I'm feeling any of those emotions to check in with Source. And be able to let that go and allow the light that I am to really land and shine.

barbara from canada

It's without doubt that it's always wonderful to be together in a group like this and the energy and the receptiveness and the openness that starts streaming right away.

The combination of your energetic fields, really, is very special.

And thank you all in the group for being here and holding space for one another because that's what we all do by showing up.

So a huge thank you from a very open heart to all of you.

sabine from the netherlands

Thank you so much. I feel very free right now. And you know what? I look lighter.]Thank you. I feel lighter. I feel like I can fly!

Cherie from canada

Just reeling. The beauty of synchronicity. It doesn't matter who gets to speak and who doesn't because what comes up is exactly what everybody here needs to hear. And the power of that... that we come together. Just beautiful. Thank you.

anne from UK