what happens when two powerful healers
co-facilitate a divine alchemy online retreat designed to help you cultivate the courage
to be you?

It's without doubt that it's always wonderful to be together in a group like this and the energy and the receptiveness and the openness that starts streaming right away. - Sabine from the Netherlands

Have you been feeling the stirring in your heart?

That longing to feel completely safe and confident to BE all that you are?

  • You know you came here with a purpose to fulfill, even if you might not have all the details yet...
  • You know that you didn't come here to waste your divine brilliance...                                                                   yet something seems to be stopping you or holding you back from fulfilling your destiny...
  • You know you have something uniquely yours to bring into the world...                                                                yet find yourself questioning 'Who Am I to .....?' even though you know those inner doubt gremlins are not your best advisors...  

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's an ongoing journey that consists of a lot more UN-learning
than learning more new hacks or tricks.

Strange as it may seem, that can stir up all sorts of resistance and fear... as it asks you to let go of beLIEfs and habits you've grown up with or learnt along the way...

Things like people-pleasing... or letting the perfectionist run the show... or procrastinating...

If you've ever been afraid of being rejected, judged or criticised...

Searched for approval from others...

Or you've had your heart broken and find it hard to trust again...

Then you've probably started saying YES to requests when you wanted to say NO...

or NO when you really wanted to say YES...

You might just be surprised to discover what, or who, has been holding you back from fully BEing YOU
and expressing your BRILLIANCE in the world...

That's why we're deLIGHTed to invite you to join us for our next Divine Alchemy Online Retreat.

Hold on to your knickers or panties or whatever you call them :)

You're about to experience a sacred healing journey unlike anything else you've likely come across before...
in this lifetime, anyway.

We'll be clearing your ancestral lineage from: 

  • people-pleasing and perfectionist contracts
  • spells to keep you hooked in the false matrix of separation
  • vows and oaths to sacrifice your LIGHT
  • commitments that are holding you back from fulfilling your destiny
  • agreements to dim or dumb down your divinity
  • and anything else passed down through the generations...

Liberating you as well as past and future generations from having to keep repeating these outdated stories and instead

activate your unique Courage Code to BE YOU.

your sacred healing journey guides

Tina and Christine

Christine Schultheis is an intuitive coach and business consultant. She's highly skilled in the method of constellation work to help you uncover and clear the root cause for disruptive patterns, blockages that are holding you back or hidden agendas that are playing out in your business and in your life.

Tina van Leuven is a Practical Joy Alchemist. She brings 30+ years experience of powerful energy healing from around the world to her practical out-of-the-box coaching style to support her clients live their purpose judgement-free and joy filled so their life and business are a true expression of their divine essence.

We hosted the first Divine Alchemy Online Retreat in April 2021.

Participants LOVED it!

I wanted to say thank you for the immense release that I had today. I learned that along every step of the way to just check in with Source when I'm feeling overwhelmed, when I'm feeling sadness, when I'm feeling abandoned, when I'm feeling any of those emotions to check in with Source. And be able to let that go and allow the light that I am to really land and shine.

barbara from canada

I want to thank you both for all the love that you bring in and you do this with. 
It's really wonderful to receive. Thank you. And thank you for tuning in on my specific example because a lot happened and I'm very curious to to see what this will bring forth. And I'm just very grateful. And thank you all group because I feel we have a beautiful energy together.

Thank you so much Tina and Christine, the session was amazing!

I feel that my body and chakras responded to the support you gave us and at the same time my mind and emotions could also understand and feel the emotions that are connected to our ancestors so that I could finally let go of the abundance block.

I have a feeling that this has already shifted the "waste nothing at all cost" mentality I have lived with all my life.  I am traveling this weekend and have been away from my studio, so it would be really interesting to step into my studio

when I return home on Wednesday.

I agree with the other people that were saying that

you two work together wonderfully.

sayaka from usa

It's without doubt that it's always wonderful to be together in a group like this and the energy and the receptiveness and the openness that starts streaming right away.

The combination of your energetic fields, really, is very special.

And thank you all in the group for being here and holding space for one another because that's what we all do by showing up.

So a huge thank you from a very open heart to all of you.

sabine from the netherlands

Now we're deLIGHTed to invite YOU 

to experience it for yourself!

JOIN US for a 2 hour online SACRED HEALING journey. 

During this time we'll be clearing what's been holding you back from fully BEing YOU.

And you'll leave the retreat with your unique Courage Code, ready to be put to use immediately.

  • You'll have a chance to submit your questions and what you've been struggling with before and during our retreat.
  • Based on the emerging themes in our group, we'll be selecting 3 or 4 participants to receive personal healing and guidance that will benefit everyone, as if by magic... 
  • You'll receive a video and audio replay within 24 hours after the event. So even if you can't join us live, your energy will be included in the clearing and healing... for you to be received when you're ready.

As we love co-facilitating these yummy transformational experiences...
we're keeping the ticket price at just US$33

Purchase your ticket below.


Upon completion of your order, please check your inbox for an email from tina@tinavanleuven.com with your access details for our Divine Alchemy Online Retreat!

We can hardly wait to see you and share this empowering and healing experience with you.